Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Today Is Wednesday October 30, This Is What Happen

Almost done with October 2019 and tomorrow is Halloween. My Jack a lantern is on the porch scaring off those naughty little spirits.
Since I had a strange short dream last night. Actual a nastymare. 
Now I better warn you it will have adult content.

My husband and I was in this empty house. I mean no nothing. Just bare walls. We heard a loud vehicle coming up to the place.
We start to run and lock all the door. For some reason we weren't fast enough. And some how this so called male. 
We were face to face with, and if you want to call it face to face. But couldn't see a face. And he whip out his tool. Start to urinate on me and I just start to beat on him furiously.
Then I woke up and went to bathroom and since the veil is thinner this time of season. I told it to leave and it wasn't going to ruin my day or anything in future.
So glad the nastymare was short lived and taken care of.

My day was pretty slow. Nothing all that excited about work. 
But my eating habits was off and I was off on calorie count. That doesn't bother me is what I ate get to me.
Way to much sugar. Like 4 cookies, 6 piece of candy, and quarter oz of licorice. 
I seem to do better if I bring balance lunch. I brought a lunch all though fairly health but amount was lacking.
Enough chewing my self out. There always right now to keep improving and moving forward.

Almost done with my bullet journal book I been reading. I figure the first thing I need to do is put in key or symbols.
There plenty of ideal. What I see there some universal symbols and others what a person comes up with.

Going to wear a costume to work tomorrow. Will have pictures to share. I wasn't try to offend anyone on my nastymare. I promised honesty and try to keep thing from going under the carpet. 
This month every blog post was linked to my TWITTER and my facebook page for my BLOG
I have a few ideals for social media or I call my therapy. I won't be link as much to facebook or twitter. I want to cut it a lease by fourth or slightly a little more. It will be figured out.

Coffee is on


  1. That's a very weird dream. If I had a page like that in a bullet journal it would be filled with "migrated" because I keep putting things off that I really don't want to do. Until I really have to get something done then I get cracking and do everything at once.

  2. Oh, I hate nightmares! Especially those who seem so real!
    Looking forward to the pictures! :-)
    Public holiday over here.

  3. Sipping my 2nd cup. What a horrible nightmare. Geesh.....wonder what makes us have weird dream/nightmares like that. Glad it was short lived. We get so few kids I almost wasn't going to bother buying candy this year, but hubby thought we should. Add to that it's been raining cats and dogs for several days and isn't expected to let up and I'll be surprised if I get 5.
    Sandy's Space

  4. That was some weird nightmare....

  5. Looking forward to seeing your costume Dora 👻 it was a good thing I did get lollies today, I had so many little monsters knocking on my door tonight 🎃

  6. Happy Halloween! fun to dress up at work

  7. I wonder how we can have nightmares like this ! What an unexpected imagination !! Haven't seen anything from Halloween and no kids came by.

  8. That is a heck of a nastymare!!

  9. Weird dream. I wonder what an analyst would make of it.

  10. Nightmares suck but what can one do but get through them and try to forget them afterwards.
    I am looking forward to your photos!
    Have a wonderful Halloween 💮🎃👻🍂🍁

  11. This time of year is hard with all the sweets around.


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