Monday, October 21, 2019

Today Is Monday October 21, This Is What Happen

It been misty a bite all day. Farther south went it actual be came rain. The reason I know I had to take Regis to an appointment in Sandpoint.
Before the appointment we went to Walmart. Not sure what he got but I checked prices out on some blank journal books. And briefly looked at a set of permanment markers.
Cash is little squeezed here. There some larger bills coming up.

Then after Regis went in the Good Will and I just waited in the pick up. Plus not having extra cash and I have enough items to declutter and organize.
How I wish it would go faster, declutteing and organize that is.

Then we went to Library down there. Regis got movies. I looked up a book on Runes, our pagan group want to do a bit on the runes, which I don't know all that much.
The two books they have there wasn't much. The other one they had was checked out. I won't neen anything until November.
Did check out a book called, THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD

Remember I asked about donating to the Smithsonian and or the National Archives. Well maybe I had to responsible to some one else. Or then my self. Confession time....I have issue of giving my self credit of what my accomplishment are.
So I though of sending a bullet journal to the Smithsonian and or National Archives I would probably do a better job at it.
Or that way I be force to do a better job a lease.
So I believe I want a larger blank page journal.
Not even sure if Smithsonian would want it. But in my mind if I thought they would want it. I believe I would a lease complete it.

The other day I post some photo of Regis dad property and someone was asking about and old shack. He didn't live there but there was anther house on the property. And some out buildings. Well that place been there for years.
Regis dad hasn't been outside for the last three years or possible more. Sad! we redid our enterance to our home. I don't want shacky steps as I age.

Got more strips cut, one and half inches. Down two more tops.
Got charge for something I didn't buy, actual $180 dollars. Call the company and it said go to there on line billing site. Did what it said and if it isn't resolved by Thursday I will let the bank handle it. And yesterday I ask Dr Google. That what my husband calls Google.
About Algorithm. Believe me Algebra isn't my speciality.

Coffee is on


  1. Good thing you caught that $180

  2. Algorithms and algebra, yuk. You do have to be careful about what you are charged for on your cards.

  3. Things might go faster if you declutter first and be ruthless about it, don't start wondering if something might come in handy one day, if you didn't use it or look at it for a year, then toss it out. When that's done, organise what you have left.

  4. Decluttering does take a lot of time. Any progress is good progress.

    Wanna trade weather? I'll happily take dreary, cold, and raining. It's hot and dry here. 90s hot.

  5. When you finish declutteringyour house, can you come do mine?

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