Now How Should One Think.

Trying to figure what to post about, my minds is little in thought. Or maybe I am tired of thinking of what my life will be like when I retire.
I've posted before what I believe I will be getting. But it depends on which calculator I use, at age of 67 when I can 100% of my benefits I will get something between $650 and $1,000
Right now the maximum retirement is $2,861 and on the average social security goes up from .50% to 3% a year. But good around number is 1.5% pay increase per year.

Murphy and I been talking about different thing on how we will spend our retirement year. I want to retire off the people I take care of.
We thought of selling and moving. But were to is the question. There something to say not have mortgage. I know people who in there retirement has a mortgage.
The only thing as for housing cost would be property tax, there property tax break for low income seniors and up keep.
Then the regular living cost. I don't drink "Dom Perigon Rose Gold" and I had to look that one up.
Part of living is vehicle up keep and cost.

I've looked into putting ads on both my blog and and over on my you tube channels. And what I understand most blogger makes $10 to $25 a month. You know this would cover all my cleaning supplies, paper products, and soaps.
Not sure how to put and add in. I some what looked into it. But what I kept running into is to...that if I want to buy ad space or ad time.
Confession time...I find blogs that is cover with ad space is distracting.
But I understand why people have adds on there social media sights.

Not sound self center  or prideful. I am pretty creative and I resourceful. I am sure I can come up some way bringing in extra income or cutting expensive.
Then I still have all my supplies for my ceramic shop.
One of my friend makes between $5,000 to $10,000 selling and trading crafts a year.

Here is LINK to money exchange

I shouldn't be complaining. I have roof over my head a comfy bed to sleep in, three square meals a day. Plus no major health issues. And most important a family and friend who loves me.
I need to lay off the "Pitifully me attitude"


  1. If you own your house, then maybe it's best not to sell. buying somewhere else you could run into all kinds of unexpected expenses, like a new place might look alright, but the roof might leak in the rain, the water heater or furnace or anything else could break down and those are all extra expenses you don't want on top of moving.
    I don't know much about ads on blogs, but I think you only make money from that if other people click on the ads and go to the site. Most people I know just ignore ads on blogs, I know I do.
    I hope you get something worked out.

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  3. Retirement is a hot topic at the moment - I wish you luck trying to figure it all out. We've got the added complication of trying to work out where in the world we will be! You have in health, home and loving friends and family the best start to a happy retirement as you say :)
    Thanks for sparing the time to party at Glasto with me!
    Wren x

  4. I think it´s pretty sad that after a life dedicated to hard work you still have to worry about retirement.
    You should be able to enjoy retirement!
    Here many a retiree goes through public rubbish bins for recyclable bottles, it hurts to see (25 Euro-cents per bottle).
    (whereas financial refugees get so much for free, including public transport!).
    Our systems are a shame in some points.

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  6. I hear you! I am a ways off from retirement (I am 46...but when I divorced I started over with nothing financially...and I still stand by that decision!). So my mind is constantly swirling about how I can make a bit of money on side hustles! I figure to try things and see how they’s better to try and fail versus say ‘I wish I would have tried that’. Failure is better than regret! And there is always the chance that if you try you will have great success!

    That said, I have resisted ads on my blog for a long time! I, like you find them distracting! But back in May I added them. I refused to intersperse them through my posts and only put them into my page as a header and on my sidebar. I haven’t heard any complaints! I checked my account at about two months in and I had garnered $35 bucks. Not a whole lot...a drop in the bucket....for something I am going to do anyway. And if I can put enough side hustles together like that, well then my bucket will fill up from all those drops!

  7. Hari OM
    I definitely don't like visiting personal blogs which are encumbered with advertising gizmos - apart from anything else they slow down page loading. That said, I too understand the desire to try and make internet time more productive as afar as earning a bit of pin money is concerned. Anything that is going to provide any decent yield, however, is also going to require actual work - there is no thing such as the 'quick buck'. That's legal anyway! Maybe concentrate on your craftwork and really build yourself a stock for selling? YAM xx

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  9. Retirement planning ...I hate it.

  10. Praying. Blessings to you.

  11. If you were to move, it should be to be closer to family. Your son, perhaps. But only if you get along well enough to be close. You could always look into Amazon affiliate marketing. You post links to things you recommend, and you get a kick back for all purchases. (It's a small amount, but it would add up over time.)

  12. Trying to make money off a blog is hard. I have been offered terms for my blog that are a joke. Like $10 for a lifetime ad placement, or an insurance company said they would give me free quotes. Does anybody pay for quotes. It seems the most succesful are those that use blogs and social media to build community around something else. Like selling tshirts or books or something.

  13. I have never tried to make $ on my blog so can't help. I am sure you will find a way to have a great retirement.

  14. Retirement is not for the faint of heart. Hubby and I have been retired for quite some time now.
    We did have to cut back here and there but we finally got it together.
    Believe me when I say that I am NOT sorry that we are retired :)

  15. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I don't have a vehicle nor does my wife, all I have for transportation is a broom which isn't too hard to upkeep and my own two feet.

    I wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee, it has been a while since I've had a good hot cup, perhaps that would improve my flight.

  16. I take online surveys. Slow and tedious but I've made about five hundred dollars in gift cards. I use them for Christmas and for little things I want to buy throughout the year. Sometimes they lead to bigger things like a focus group that paid $200 for 30 minutes.

  17. I understand where you are going with this. I, too, really dislike blogs with ads and most I have given up on because they are too annoying. I still have two years on my house, which I refinanced at a very low rate when I retired and I'll be glad to see that gone. Trying to pay it off early. I'd like to learn more about the online survey option. Interesting. The craft market is getting a bit tight now but there is often a spot for it. Try checking out local shows with a minimum entry fee (churches and schools are good for that). It's a good way to check it out before investing in things like a tent for outdoor shows or heavy nickels for the big ones. I do an annual art home show with several friends each November. We all have different styles of art so we aren't competitive in what we sell -- I have cards, watercolors; there's a potter, calendar maker, two jewelers with very different styles; a pen-maker, one with soaps, etc. We are in a good sized by not overly big house (we're pretty packed into two rooms) and we all promote to friends, online, etc. We attract a good crowd with growing business over the year. If you can pull it together by this fall, it might be worth a try!

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