Is Any One Out There.

I put all my blogs I usual visit on fairly regular bases onto what blogger called the reading list. I did remove some that haven't post anything for six months are longer.
And also those fill with ads. No content just ads they went bye bye. Got tired of dealing with the saturation of ads.
I don't mind let say less three ads on blog and someone making extra pocket money. 
I like to let one area on my blog for an add, so I can make possible toilet paper money, milk money for hubby, can of soup, or what every little thing might come long.

There most be some truth in "birds of feather flocks together" or "two peas in pod" And as many as you know I lean to left when it comes to my faith and political views.
Two things I don't expect everyone to see eye to eye on my views. Anyone civil discourse is good, although at this time we were way to divided as people.

So today I posted this on my facebook page and two local groups I belong to, also on facebook.

This could sound a little off. But here goes I am looking for two things.
First one I am looking for a blog written by someone who leans to conservative side. ALTHOUGH NOT NECESSARILY POLITICAL. But willing to possible cover variety topics in, spiritual, going to work, creative things, home & garden, photography, story, and etc.
A heart felt blog.
But on you tube. I would like to watch some baby boomers born from 1945 to 1965. The ones I seem to find seem to be sucking to many lemons. My simple request for you tube is baby boomers having fun and joy in life. 
Does anyone know blog and or you tube might fit this description

At this point I haven't had any response. I was looking for possible those who leans toward the conservative side and see how and what they post about other things other then religion or politics. 
Some of blogs I visit has never mention a peep about religion or politics, but I would think there in the same nest as to my way of thinking.
See I am putting people in there little boxes, that fits my liking.

I did get one response about you tube, and what the person like to watch...Geesh, I watch specific YouTube channels like resellers, crafters, dyi and gardeners. If you want to watch any of these, I can think of only a few baby boomers I have been watching.
No I was wondering if any baby boomer make a joyful and have fun making videos.
Like the millenniums do, a vlog. Which are my sons.
The few baby boomer I see who vlog seem to be going on and on about the younger generation.
My dad was part of the PARTISANS GENERATION or also I known it be called INTERBELLIUM GENERATION. To young for WWI and to old for WWII.
Well he would call the baby boomers bunch of smart aleck punks.

I guess some things go full circle.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm a Baby Boomer, born in 1952, but I don't blog so much any more, I seem to have run out of things to say, also I'm having trouble with my hands, with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm not sure what you would class as having fun and joy in life. I have fun, and I'm happy, but I'm quiet and get my enjoyment from reading blogs and books and watching DVDs, either movies or TV series. I don't get out a lot, not as much as I used to and I don't do crafty things. sometimes I'll go with a couple of neighbours when they want to go to thrift shops and we spend most of a day going to several shops and stop somewhere nice for lunch, but I personally don't drive, so I have to wait until they want to go, which is fine with me. I don't write about politics at all, because I simply don't understand anything about it. And I am not religious at all.

  2. Hari OM
    I blog faith and philsophy. That blog is separate to my 'main line' blog of Wild YAM, which you visit - though on there, I cover an eclectic range of things about life in general. Then I have my photo blog also. I very very rarely get anywhere near politics on the blogs - I have no need to invite possibility of abuse into my life - though my views are quite moderate. YAM xx

  3. I don’t blog (or vlog since I just started a you tube channel) about philosophy or religion and definitely not politics. (I’m also a generation x’er....born in 72.) I don’t wrote about those things because I don’t like confrontation. Sure I have my own opinions and everyone is entitled to their own opinions but some people chose to argue their opinions and ridicule people who differ. I like my piece of the internet to be peaceful...non combative....non confrontational! (Although I do get regimentation comments sometimes...people telling me that I’m doing everything wrong and that’s why I’m a

  4. My you tube channel is seldom updated....and I'm a conservative. (bill Terlingua).... My blog is also rarely updated (old fatass fart blogger).
    Most recent blogs were my hydroponic, indoor veggie gardening efforts.

  5. You've been reading me for a while Dora. You know I shoot from the hip. Nothing politically correct for me. I just can't but I do welcome opposing views.

  6. I've got a YouTube channel but hardly use it. I guess I'm stuck in the "writing mode" for my blog. I'm a boomer. I try to keep my liberal feminist politics out of the blog, but sometimes...well, Dora, you've seen my on my soapbox.

  7. I don't do much YouTube. I do know a blogger who has a YouTube channel. She's of an age to be a Boomer. Her videos are mostly about knitting, I think. (I don't watch.) You can find her here:

    As for a conservative blogger, I do know a few. The one that immediately comes to mind:

  8. I don't do You Tube at all and religion nobody talks about religion here. I don't even know if my friends are religious or not. Political ? Conservative ? I don't know. I am not in politics at all. I have done my share when I was young, now I leave it to the younger generation.


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