Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday Meme Number Five

First of all Wednesday is meme day and like last Wednesday I will start of with HODGE PODGE WEDNESDAY and I wonder how our hostess JOYCE comes up with these question, well they get you to think.

1. What happen to your mail at your house? I have a special file for "bills" called "should of been taking care of yesterday" But some time it seem like my mail get toss on the dining room table. And it becomes all clutter. I swear it has a magnet and collects un-wanted and un-needed papers.

2. Something you splurge on? Any guilt associated with the splurge? I love thrift store and crafty type of things. Since I work I don't get much time to do my crafts.
The amount I spend on craft items isn't the issue. But having craft items pile up is more of issue

3. There are many, but what are two important you think a bride or groom should ask/answer before they walk down the aisle?
Are they any subject you have trouble communicating about? And what are your emotional triggers?

4. What best advice your father every give you? Sorry this one is difficult one for me. My dad and I didn't have a good relationship. But by his action I learn about helping others.

5. Your favorite movie where a father feature heavily in the storyline? Not much of movie or TV watcher

6. Insert your own random thoughts? Been working on a tarot work book and under the Empress card they have a question...Warm feeling comes to me when__________
I'm clueless why this is such a hard one to answer.
Been doing evening walk and this morning I forgot to put on my zip bit. Well and I been collecting rocks to paint for our up coming pagan camp out.
Hubby finish mowing the lawn and it looked great.


And now it time for ABC WEDNESDAY and this week letter is "W" and I had quite a few thought of what I could do for letter "W"
And there a few things in our atmosphere that makes and change our WEATHER and that my w word.
To me the best weather is slight breeze and temp in mid 70's

Coffee is on


  1. Crikey Aunty Dora .... warm feelings come to me when ... I put my head on Mum's lap and she pats me. AND when she throws a chicken wing at me!!

  2. 1. junk mail gets looked at and thrown away, bills get put on the fridge with a magnet and a red circle around the pay by date, most other bills I get online and pay right away via Bpay, through my bank.
    2. splurge? I spend more than I can afford on printer ink and photo paper so I can print photos of things I love and people too.
    3. no idea
    4. none
    5. a favourite movie would be hard to pick, I like so many and lots of them have strong father figures.

  3. I hate mail. I have no idea why, I cannot handle it!

  4. Hari Om
    We've got skies like that today - plus BIG winds...
    Am off on holidays for two weeks, so forive if am not by as often. YAM xx

  5. Mail? What mail? A few advertising brochures each week. It all comes via email.

    I splurge on very expensive sweets in a a nice tin to suck when I am a driving a distance.

    The question not be asked by a bride or groom, will you always be sexually faithful to me. History proves that it won't happen. Will you always love might be a better question.

    My father offered no advice but by example, don't marry above your station. Drinking, smoking non church going family was never going to work with my strict moral code church going Mother's family.

    Father feature movie. An old one, Cheaper by the Dozen. Mike Brady was a pretty good dad.

  6. I have kept the mails I've received from my friends before...
    My Dad always impressed on me that a woman needs to get an education too.


  7. Enjoyed reading your answers. I hope your are having a good week. Sorry about your relationship with your dad. ((Hugs))

  8. three posts in one.
    I love it
    It’s hard when you don’t have great relationships with those who are supposed to be closest to you
    And yes your right. Even then. They teach you how you don’t want to be
    I always try to find the positive in every situation. Sometimes. I really really have to look hard

  9. You'll need to meditate on why you don't know what gives you a warm feeling. There must be some block there for some reason.

  10. I would love to see your rocks when you are done painting them!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Lisa

  11. You know, I actually like to get mail. Not junk mail of course, by mail from people I love. Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, that sort of stuff. And I love catalogs. Just like looking and then they get recycled!


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