Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Our Experience and Genetic Shapes Us.

The other day I POST about my father temper. And how some responded. But we all respond different to a situation.
Doing in home care after a while. You get to know about how we as human are different. I've find us we all go though some type of adversary. Opinion time....The result ending results for everyone is sure different.
It seem like Murphette always struggle with relationship her mother, and seems to be stuck there emotional.
One more example I can think of, Is Donna who was so angry with relationship of men, including her dad. That she made her self so heavy, over 400 pounds.
Like I said we're shape by our experience good or bad.

Daisy had her growth remove yesterday. Didn't have it biopsy and vet said it was a simple attach thing. On the bill they use term “wart”
The main reason I didn't have it biopsy. If she had some type of cancer we wouldn't treat it. She is an older dog, about 12.
She would live out rest of her life. Anyhow the vet didn't think it was much of anything.
The bill was about $350.00 and I took $175.00 from her “Go Fund Me Account” to help pay for this last Vet bill.
So if you like donate there a link on the right hand side of my blog called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” Still trying to raise money to get her teeth cleaned.
Remember I been matching all donation.

We didn't have our weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group. I'm guessing becomes it so cold here at this time.
This morning we had 9 below zero.
I weight my self this morning when I first got up. I was at 216 (97.9) and had morning coffee, got dress
and decided to re-weigh my self and the scale was at 218 (98.8) still happy under 220 (99.7) If I can start my 2017 first weigh in under 220. To me I believe that something reasonable to be at.
Breakfast...BLT sandwich.
Lunch...toast with peanut butter and cottage cheese with blueberries.
Dinner...tomato soup with basil, chicken breast, and little bit of cottage cheese.
Naughty food...Hostess snowball and Hershey candy bar.

Work day. Took Regis to his doctor appointment. They got anther doctor at the pain clinic. One of them Opinion time...Is a horse ass.
I felt this doctor listen to Regis not treat him as he has Leprosy. He had one doctor here local treat him. Things happen and his doctor change her practice and no longer was Regis primary doctor.
So any treatment he need had to go into the emergency room. Finial two of the physician got him list of all the doctors, and nurse practitioner. Between our county of Boundary and Bonner the one south of us.
A list of 30 of them. Not sure if he actual how many he actual went and seen.
But the last one on list would take him.
See he also has PANCREATITIS and he takes MARINOL for his pancreatic. And it big hassle because of the T.H.C in it. First of all our state of Idaho being ultra conservative frowns big time about any part of marijuana, and it illegal federal too.
So it big hassle for doctor to even prescribe it in pill form.
Maybe I'm not surprise how many doctor who are family practitioner aren't willing to take on mental ill.

As he was in Sandpoint we went to library. He stop at some game store to get some super hero figurines.
My self I went into Walmart to get cheap drip coffee pot. This morning as Murphy was making our morning coffee and cracked the pot.
So I got coffee maker in $10 range nothing fancy.
Regis ask me to look at what they had in figurines. I also want to look at the fabric and price it.

Almost done with crochet rag rug only three balls of fabric to finish.
Been looking at fabrics to make a rug doing locker hooking. Two things I've decided is one of the rugs base color will be aqua and I won't pay over $7.00 a yard.

Coffee is on


  1. An aqua rug sounds pretty.

  2. I've heard of pancreastitis but don't know anything about it, I'll go to google in a minute.
    I tried a drip coffee pot once and didn't like the coffee it produced, I prefer instant coffee powder, just put it in a cup and add boiling water.
    Good to hear Daisy is doing well after the growth removal.

  3. There was a place raided here today that illegally produces medicinal marijuana oil, mainly for kids with epilepsy. Medical marijuana is slowly being approved here but it is a very slow process.

  4. Dont get me started on the status of medical care in this country,

  5. I'd like to see your rug when you've finished. I think aqua would be a great addition.
    I don't know enough about medical MJ to really comment.

  6. For great coffee in the morning, nothing beats a French Press. And I know it, I have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to coffee. Freshly grind frozen coffee beans (I would roast them myself if I could get my hands on a few green ones), add some cumin and cinnamon if oyu like, scalding hot water, et voilà - heaven in a cup. ^^


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