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Monday, January 02, 2017

A Little Bit But Not To Heavy.

No photos of Daisy, or our two Cats Ziggy and Abner. No Photos of my crafts. Or even much post on them.
I don't like people talking about the same ole thing. Sound like broken record. I'm now going to leave a LINK for Daisy Teeth Cleaning and other vet bills. Remember I been match all donation.

Let get right to it. I said I'm scared of my emotion. I believe it comes down to my dad and how he respond to any emotional of what I may had.
I recall not often. He would beat me something horribly and I would even fight back. And after horrible screaming and crying.
He would just point his finger at me. And I'm super sensitive on how and when people point there fingers.
He threw me in to one of closet doors and it broke. Confession time...I fell sort on my own as I was getting one of thrashing.
I knew they would have to fix it. 
But all in all the emotional scares are lot harder to heal, then the physical ones.

  This is good enough place to show a photo of my grand puppydog. Boo. I guess she and Sawyer went for hike over the New Year holiday.
I'm surprise they went any place that there even a skiff of snow.
Boo is wearing one of her SCARF

Then there is the GrandKittyCat Emma with royal attitude. I understand she fell off the counter into the garbage can. Not sure what happen but she does have an air of she better then thou.

I can share my work day. It seem both of my clients is bit off there mediation.
Best way to explain it for now. Stay tune for tomorrow soap opera, “As In Life Of Crazies”

Breakfast...sausage, toast, and eggs.
Lunch...Potato soup and chocolate milk
Dinner...ground beef gravy on potatoes and green beans.
Naughty food...Cookie and pork rhines.
A little time on the treadmill.

Coffee is on


  1. What a crappy childhood! I had a neighbor who would shut her kids up in the closet when they did something wrong - she had something wrong with her!
    Your son and granddog make a nice photo!
    Pretty kitty! Most cats have that aloof attitude, haha.
    Potato soup sounds good about now!

  2. Boo and Emma are beautiful.
    Your childhood sounds terrible, my second husband grew up in a violent home too, the whole family were alcoholics, even the kids.
    There was no violence in my home, but I don't remember hugs or cuddles either.

  3. Thanks for inviting me over for a coffee :) Your childhood does sound rough - but sweet animals can make a lot of bad things seem better, such a sweet cat and dog x

  4. I like Emma's eyes. They say a lot.

  5. Animal pictures always get people to respond. ^^

    Childhood troubles always suck. We had a ... uhm, LIVELY relationship with our parents as well, but we kind of grew out of it, each in her own way. Still one of the reasons I probably won't have kids - too scared to pull the same crap on them under pressure.

  6. Gorgeous pets! What an unpleasant man your father was, thank goodness you escaped. xxx

  7. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Childhood memories can often times suck but every day above ground is a good day, right? Cute pup and adorable kitty. Wish I wasn't allergic.

  8. That's awful. Abusive. And don't excuse what he did with the I-fell-into-the-door. That wasn't on you.

  9. The cat and dog are lovely...
    Gosh, thrashed as a child! Not on these days. Not good back then either for you, must have been ever so scary.

  10. Sorry that your childhood was so scary. No child should have to go through that. The animals are darling. I laughed to think of the one with the royal attitude falling into the trash can. Cats don't mind falling. They're good at it.


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