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Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Better But

IBUPROFEN really isn't a friend of mind. It a pill I can mange for a short time, if I eat enough food. After a while it will start to irate my stomach. There no way I could take it with glass of milk.
So I'm guessing my weight might be up. I'll consider my self lucky if I hold my weight in place.
But PARACETAMOL/ACETAMINOPHEN seem not to bother me like Ibuprofen.
It seem I keep improving but when I have to be on cement for any length of time it does a number on me.

Last Saturday I went to our local clothing give away. Which I took both of my clients.
This event take twice a year.

So I got some shirts for my husband, a few tops for my self.

But of carouse a few outfit for my grand daughter Claudia.

It seem like there was quite a few 0-3 months size in pile.

Actual what I was looking for is 12-18 months.

Like you can see there quite a bit there. Sure helps our community out.

Yesterday our local pagan group, Spairfitera celebrate SAMHAIN the earth resting until Yule (winter solstice) when days start getting longer and continue to new growth (Spring Equinox). It also honor are birth right.

So I brought a photos of my Grand father Duane Witherell.

I know I sound like a babbling idiot when spoke of him. My dad was very fond of his grand parent Duane and Dora.

Duane was born in southwest corner of Michigan in small farming community of POKAGON. He was youngest son of Gilman and Mary Ann (Simpson) Witherell. He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters which died before adulthood.
Duane went to the local public school there. When he was 18 he was called to serve his country in the civil war.
As I understand he had to go up to a town call KALAMAZOO MICHIGAN and do some type of enlistment and didn't go on his own free will.
The war was pretty much winding down.
But he was only in for less then a year. He was one of the solider who shot a volley of shot over Lincoln grave.
He married Dora Stanstall the daughter of William and Margaret (Siver) Stansell. They had 2 sons Maurice and Clarence.
He was quite and active person in his community.  Died when he was 85 and was laid to rest by his wife in SUMNVILLE CEMETERY.
A few tales I heard about my great grand dad he love to fish.
I also heard he was beyond frugal. I heard his wife had to lie about items she bought. He would ask about something she might of bought. He might of said something like...."Dora when did you get that dress"...knowing it was brand new...she would wrinkle it up a bit...and said now Duane you know that been in closet for while".
He smoked a pipe and wouldn't buy MATCHES so when he went to let say local store. He would grab small stick and open wood stove and get his stick to ignite so he then could light up his pipe.
Or he wait for someone else to light up there pipe of cigarettes.
My father was very fond of his grandparents and if I was born a male I would of been a Duane. Instead of a Dora.
Opinion time...I bet he would of love the modern thrift store and or yard sales.

I'll sure be glad when this election is over.

Coffee is on


  1. I wish we had local clothing give-aways here, sometimes the thrift stores have a sale, but usually it's things they had a long time that didn't sell, so nobody wants them anyway.
    Interesting to hear about your grandpa Duane being so beyond frugal.
    I don't know anyone who is that bad about spending.

  2. wow your grand father was a wonderful man
    i wonder why his wife had to lie about shopping !

    loved the tops
    the pink shirt for grand doll most

  3. I know very little about my great grandparents, you are so lucky to have information and photos.
    Some of the churches have a clothing exchange, it's a good idea.

  4. Loved viewing the old tintype photos!!

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Wow. That looks like a huge clothing give away. - My son lives in Kalamazoo. He goes to college there. Everybody in Michigan calls it Kzoo. :)

  6. Hari OM
    What wonderful history about your grandpeep. From what I can make out, you and he have a strong resemblance of features - and thrift! I am certain he would have loved the giveaway. YAM xx

  7. That's pretty cool about your great grandfather. And who wouldn't love thrift stores???

  8. people always look so clean, slim and healthy in old pictures. it must be all the hard work they did.

  9. Ibuprofen is useless on me as well. I just read something that said that no one has done a real study on how safe it is.


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