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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friedy Cat

I just don't under stand why since who actual can recall. We been afraid of lot of things and which divided us as a country.
Although President Franklin Said it best “The only thing we have to fear is fear it self”

I don't see why it push to make everyone toward AGORAPHOBIA  

Decided to make Sunday posting quite light no more politics and maybe a little light Spirituality.

Stay around and did a few things around the place. I been yawning most of the day not sure why I feel tired.
One load of wash done, dry and put away.
Scrub down the bath room sink and tub. The tub if someone else did it like I did. I would be calling it on them.
So I need go back and re-due it.
Tried a new home make cleaners. Vinegar and salt made in paste. It didn't do bad. In the vinegar I put a few drops of lavender.
Hoed some on south side of house. Murphy trim up the french tarragon plant.

Murphy and I went to town to get a few things from the store. We had lunch at the Deli I had Mexican casserole, and he couple of chicken strip.
Since I'm talking about food I might as well posted it now.
Breakfast pancake add a banana to batter, and 2 ½ links with peanut butter and sugar free syrup.
Dinner hamburger and kidney beans. Actual this time burger isn't sitting in my stomach like a piece of lead.
Strawberry short cake shortly before seven.

We been getting a real good picking of strawberries and stop in at Quincy and see if she want the next picking. So she can come out Monday or Tuesday 

Murphy been enjoying adventure of SUPER MAN on DECADES Tomorrow there showing the Gothic Soap Opera DARK SHADOW This show use to scare me. It was biggest rave when was starting Grade School. When I was over at my friends I would force my self not to shut my eyes during when the vampire did something.


  1. I was introduced to Dark Shadows when they did that TV remake, sometime in the '80s, I think. I was too young for the original.

  2. I don't remember Dark Shadows but I was busy with babies and young children then, might have missed it

  3. Did you like the Mexican casserole? I can't seem to much get into most Mexican food.

  4. Agoraphobia? Do you mean xenophobia?

  5. Homemade cleaners work pretty good in a pinch and are so much safer for us ...

    I never watched Dark Shadows. I really had no interest, but my brother was a big fan.

  6. its good not to have to rush around to much in a day. I find sunday is usually the only day I can do that. ... which does sometimes mean rushing around on a Saturday getting everything done...

  7. to make my Sunday peaceful i often try to finish my rushy stuff on Saturday but even though Sunday is not honey for me


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