Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Don't Need Any Thing To Fancy

Fifth Paragraph on yesterday posting I talk about how my car was having some ISSUES. This morning before I went to work and did some errands.
Murphy start to look things over a little bit more. Notice there was oil in my radiator reserve tank, not a little but quite a bit, and what looks like metal flakes.
So as I was gone Murphy must of started it up. He heard a slight grinding sound. So he came to conclusion that the water pump I believe is hindrance.
So look like we're going to be looking for anther rig. Take my word the car isn't worth fixing it has to many other issue.
If we did fix pump. The transmission also has issue, and a bit I will have to replace the tires.
If we did fix the pump I believe we would get about 6 more month if I went and sage the car. But I'm lucky it broke down in our drive way.
In a short time we will listed on Craig list or local yard sale site on facebook, and sell it as a part car.
Now finding anther rig for me to drive.
Don't need anything overly fancy. And nothing with years and years of payments. I could handle three payments.
So I want something under $5,000

But first we need to take care of our phone situation. We took our landline out and it was so noise with white noise sound. And the phone was dead in about an hour.
I have a trac phone. Which is great but lately I've been using it a little more then usual. So Murphy and I are looking about putting in a INTERNET PHONE.
The two brands I've heard about and know people in my area uses there service is MAGIC JACK and OOMA. But I'm not set on any certain brand.
If I'm back early enough on Saturday from our state awards for our T.O.P.S group. We can drive down to Wall Mart and take a look at Internet phone.
If not back early enough we can go Sunday.

In mean time. I wrote two letters one going to Providence Rhode Island and to Glide Oregon. Did a little work since each of my clients have activity for there mental illness.
So I went to Under the sun and had a cup of coffee with my friend Qunella.
After ward I went and stood in line with others for food give away.  four times a year a FOOD TRUCK comes to our area.
We're far from going hungry. You might not believe who all stand in line. Not necessary the poor.
Let just say people of all walks of life.

Murphy picked strawberries and got quite bit. Uncovered the garden. It got down to 31 or -0.5. Not much damage everything will recover.
Don't recall a freeze in June.

As for my eating today. It been a bit stressful and nibbling though the day been a struggle. But I've had a lot worst time.
Breakfast a roll, sausage patty, and 2 eggs.
Lunch a cheese sandwich on dark rye. Which I got at food give away. Rye is a bread I like.  
Dinner pork ribs, mash potatoes from the truck. Not sure what seasoning they put in the potatoes but there taste. And cole slaw.
I can say I did get a twenty five cent ice cream cone form super one.


  1. Sorry about the car. There is that point when it isn't worth the trouble. Hope you find the perfect one for you soon.

    You'll have to tell us how well an internet phone works.

  2. Hope your find a good car soon. And I agree...NO car is worth putting a lot of money in for repairs these days...Expensive. And then, half the time there is something else wrong in such a short time. Trade in and find a different reliable one.

  3. DH had a new truck once (it didn't last long) but otherwise, he and I never had a new car that I could drive. It doesn't pay to buy a new car unless you have money to burn. JMHO.

    A friend of mine had a magic jack - she stayed online and I couldn't get through to her easily.

    You live in Idaho, right?
    This shows the record lows for June. I was surprised!

  4. Generally, if your car has an automatic transmission and oil gets in the cooling system it means that the trans cooler in the radiator is leaking. So it most likely needs a new radiator and not a water pump. Plus a tranny flush and new fluid.

  5. Sounds like a good idea to look for a different car. Hope you can find one without a lot of trouble. Thanks for visiting our blog. Nice to meet you.

  6. It's always interesting to read about your day.


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