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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Small Should Be Key Word

Weigh In at T.O.P.S and I was up three fourth of pound considering we had a family gathering, actual I should be please with my weight gain. Usual after a family gathering it could have been a lot worst. Most every one on my mom side are great cook.

Before I move on about what I ate and did.

I live in a small town and living is fairly reasonable. Most new comers, and I have nothing against new comers.
Well and maybe I'm all wet. But this is what I see...
They move here from different area. Quite a few of them had union jobs and now have a nice retirement with pensions and social security. And they worked hard and earn what they got.
But once they come here....There the most anti union person...vote for right to work, and most conservative candidates....grumbles about what might improve any one world like improving schools, libraries, fire, and etc. Vote against any levy or bonds.
And even thought of raising the minimum wage they might have to pay a few pennies on something. So shit green Twinkies. (just a have fit)
I'm probably opening a can of worms.
Question time...your thoughts on this?

Just covered the garden. Been hearing possible freeze. We have some rip ole blankets in barn which worked well.
Worked went well took Regis to Sandpoint so he could get his hard copies for his meds, and stop in at library, which is amazing compare to ours.
And wal-mart.

Not sure what the issue is on my car. Last two morning my car battery been drained to almost dead.
I was going to drive the car to Sandpoint and notice the temp gauge was going up to hot. Well we ended up taking the pick up.
So Murphy popped the hood and notice my radiator cap was broken. I'll use the pick up tomorrow and swing by one of the auto place and get one.
Not sure if the broken cap has anything to do with draining the battery or not.

Breakfast was sausage, 2 eggs, and roll.
Lunch part of my sausage, apple, celery, and lettuce.
Dinner. Hamburger which doesn't set well in my stomach. Love hamburgers but they set in my stomach like a rock. Oven fries, and pork and beans.
Regis bought some cookies and I try to stop at 2 but some reason I had to have 1 more.
But also bought a cookies type of bar, and piece of jerky.

Coffee is on


Liz A. said...

Maybe it's time to replace your car battery? How long has it been since it was last replaced?

S. J. Qualls said...

Freeze? In the middle of June? Here I thought you lived next door from heaven.

Mary Burris said...

Good work on keeping the weight down during a family visit. I usually gain during visits as well.

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