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Friday, May 20, 2016

She Couldn't Dream Any Of This Up

My friend LaWalla had to go back to work so I let her finish the last two days of week. So she had 14 hours.
Confession time...I some time don't get people and the relationships between them.
Like Wednesday I took Liz in to have her tooth pulle
d. So she can't take Hydro's and the dentist gave her a prescription for synthetic version. But I can't think of the term.
So she went over to her Brother in law and see if he had any thing he could give her. So he crush up part of the morphine.
So she snort it. After that he told her she had and I use the word "had" to spend the night. Don't worry no hanky panky there. All the medication he is on. Nothing gets hard.
Well if some one use the term "had" and that tone with me. Plus it would matter what they gave me. I would of walk out.
So Liz spent the night and I called LaWalla and told her where the crazy were. She covered Thusday and Friday. As I understood Thursday went smoothly consider there mental state.
So Friday morning Liz had some type of legal appointments with a Lawyer(s). Which I don't know what it about and also it none of my business.
Regis is real controlling about his sister in law.
So he gave her SEROQUEL 400 mg which looks a lot like 800 mg IBUPROFEN. So he deliberate drug her so she was out of it, and couldn't make her appointment.
The strange thing she invited him out to her place for weekend. After all that bull.

Today I got a package in mail I do secret sister swap monthly. This time my package arrived Madrid spain. My favor is post card with pretty flower and I mailing it off to my friend Quenella. Plus I got some other stuff such as color pens.

I did some de-cluttering. Put my paints away from my last project. Not sure what craft project I'll move on towards.
But I still need to fine or get a large needle and whip stitch my swifter cover.
Murphy did a little bit of rottiling in garden today. More and more of my flowers are blooming.
We kept busy and had taco salad for dinner.

Coffee is on   


  1. A beautiful picture of your iris! I have a good size bed of those in my backyard. Sadly, they are through blooming for this year!!

  2. That last photo is absolutely breathtaking...

  3. I think some people don't realize that they deserve better, so they put up with crap from people who pay attention to them. We all have our lessons...


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