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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brain Is More Clear Earlier

Had something in mind what I want to post and I know it wasn't about the potato salad we had with our left over chicken.
Or about the ginger ale I bought. I bought a six pack of Henry Weinhard HARD SODA. Sure can taste the ginger but a bit sweet for me.
Sort of remind me of corn syrup.

Well I can tell a bit about my genealogy work I been doing. I was working on my dad side the Witherell. And now switch back to the Shirley side. My Mothers mother.
I guess we all can have our prejudice in our lives.
It seem this line is real prejudice do to economical. Those who have some means usual quite a bit versus those who don't.
It like searching two different family. Noble and the servants with the same surname.
I can't yet prove it but I believe they were Irish Immigrants who live in Philadelphia TENEMENT HOUSING

Yesterday we sure had the wind blew last night. Quite a bit of branches in our yard. One can see the flower bed below my window had a bit of roughness.

My friend LaWalla came back on the job. She had to quite for a while. Her mom died the first part of January and she due a small inheritance, which should pay off her credit cards.
But only that happens she will take most of Liz hours which is 15 a week.
LaWalla doesn't want to do any driving. so for Liz appointment I will take her.
What LaWalla would like to do once she pays off her credit card is to pay is to work two days a month.
So she could keep her account with the company. If you let laps to much. You'd have to fill out a application which is quite length.
Opinion time....The application one fills out for in home care our starting pay should be close to $20 an hour.
 Since my friend drives from Troy Mt I could complete understand not wanting to drive 34 miles and 5 out to Liz places. Let just say it 80 miles round trip.
A friend is letting her sleep out in the trailer so she doesn't need to drive back to Troy. She'll do her 15 hour shift in two days.

                                                  Coffee is on


  1. We had a rain in the night, too. Staying gloomy and still threatening.
    At least the gas prices are not as high as they could be for your friend, LaWalla.

  2. I don't blame her for not wanting to drive out for all that.


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