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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Nothing is Fair

First of all I like to wish all the mothers a wonderful day. At present moment Murphy my dear hubby is the chief bottle washer. And I bring home the bacon.
So we decided he should celebrate mothers day and I should celebrate fathers day.

My daughter in law Molly is her first mothers day. Thursday I bought some teas from our new local TEA SHOP and mail it. Hope she got them Saturday.

Today I got on the riding lawn mower. As I was mowing our lawn. Murphy was in doing dishes. It remind me that my mom never made me feel like a slave.
Sure I had quite a few chores. But as I was doing my chores neither one of my parents just sat and I were there servant.
I seen kids as I was growing up. Got there parents there drinks for what every they were. My parents got there own drinks.
I wasn't there TV channel changer and back then there was the 3 basic net work. No remotes.
Twice a year the house got a good scrubbing, spring and fall. My mom and I did and she start on one end of the house and I on the other end. We're to meet in middle and never once could figure out the middle.
I've heard it quite a few times about people grumbling about how they were slaves to there parents. I have to say in honestly I have never thought of neither one of my parents as slave drivers. Mostly my mom.

The other night I heard from Carrie my old client who moved to Oregon. Now there thinking of coming back to Idaho, SANDPOINT
She having trouble finding a doctor. Not sure what the trouble is. But I believe she should put a little more effort in finding a doctor.
It seem to be getting harder and harder to find a doctor to prescribe pain meds. And I can complete under stand why.

But the trouble is when some one leaves there state and is on state aid of any type. They have to sign off from there state, which takes about 30 days. Then wait anther 30 days for they start there aid from anther state.
So total of 60 days. If they actual move back to Idaho they'll have to wait 60 days for any state benefits.

Not long ago I bought this sun dial from one of our local thrift store. Paid around $20.00.

Looks like there quite a few strawberry blossoms.
Most everything is two week early. Usual memorial day weekend is when the iris, lilac, and peonies are in bloom.
We've had mid 80's a few times.

Both of son call and wish me happy mothers day.

Coffee is on


  1. Wish I could mow the lawn, just sayin'.
    It's nice that your husband takes over your housework when you work outside the home. Many men won't.
    I hope your DIL likes the tea.
    I absolutely love your sundial. A lucky find.
    My peony bloomed already. I think it needs separating, I only had one blossom this year,
    Have a great day!

  2. Great sundial. I, too, never felt like a slave to the chores. I didn't have many. Sounds like you and your husband have divvied up the chores in a way that works for the both of you.

  3. i remember the old days with 2 channels. we thought we were in heaven when the weather was right and we could get the american border channels.


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