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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Got It Back

I thought of telling all of you I got my virginity back. But I believe I would be wasting my time. I did get back below 220.
Trying to move more and eat wiser.
The other day I look up loosing weight on MARIJUANA, usual I get the bad case of un wise MUNCHIES .
But after doing some research I hear that the DURBAN is one of the marijuana for weight lost.
Next time I go over to Washington I might buy a eighth. And see what happens
Now I'm predicting Idaho and the rest of the states will have medical, recreational, or decriminalize.

I keep hearing Candidate Sanders want to raise social security by $65  a month for all who are on social security.
Question time...Don't you think it would be better to do it by a percentage? rather then a fix increase.
Those at lower range maybe a 15% and those who are above $1,800 a 5% increase.
Now my other questions would be
Question time...Those on disability will they receive the same increase as regular social security does.
One thing needs to be up dated is our SSI

Work went ok. Got a few items at one of the thrift stores. Still out in my car. I just need to a blog post about my fines.
Murphy and I did a little bit in our yard. Set our phallus on a stump. and we planted some petunias. Then I trim up some of the grass in flower bed.
Well I have Wednesday off and maybe I can have a chance to share what I bought.

Coffee is on   



  1. Good for you - I think moving more, even if it's just twirling around in your kitchen, helps with the weight loss.

    I think Social Security is so messed up. Too many fingers in that pie that never should have been.

  2. Sounds like a busy day.


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