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Friday, April 15, 2016

Now On To Calmer Life

Last few days the mornings, afternoon, or evenings been ruff. Today was actual a calm and smooth day.
Our company gave out our profit sharing check. Mine was a little over $600. $90 I'll hold back for my social security when I get old.
The rest will go on to our property taxes, which is due in June.

Talking about property taxes. The property taxes and  real estate market is rigged...Question time....Is any thing in this world not rigged?
According to our taxes are land is almost valued at $50,000 for not quite 5 acres. But we went and talk to a real estate and he said market value was about $40,000.
So Murphy went and talk to county assessor to see if we could get our property taxes lowed.
The answer was no. Because some one like Bill Gates might purchase piece of property. But average local worker isn't going to afford.
As I see it the land here is over inflated.
After things calm down a bit and figure the real estaters have big lobbyist. We call the people who has the property up on the front part and see if they was interested in purchasing it. We will wait a week or so and see if there interested in buying it.
If we don't here back from them. We will try to sell it our self with owner caring the contract.

Been painting on the mask and not long ago got a new set of acrylic paint. Been mixing all sorts of cool colors.
There was two things I was trying to find the answer for running a ceramic shop. How much surface will glaze cover....The answer is 12 square inches.
Now my other question was to see about a spraying booth. In my mind I had a photo what one would possible be....An old cabinet  mounted to wall with a hole tat top of it to fit and exhaust fan and vent it out the window.
But notice there made with all sort of material. One I saw was made from 50 gallon barrel.
Maybe by some luck I will be able to actual open my ceramic shop before I'm 60 years old. But still I need to clear out the stuff I have for a yard sale.

It weekend and I get out and fiddle fart in my flower garden.

Coffee is on



  1. Ah, real estate. Taxes. Crazy stuff.

  2. Grr... Property values, property taxes, bad subject - Since they devalued real estate, we are almost at the place where we were when we bought the place, even though we have sunk in many upgrades. Our taxes are up about 33% and not in proportion to the fair market value (20% higher) and yet the real estate guy said we couldn't get that.

    Happy weekend, Dora!

  3. our property assessments are crazy too. there are houses in our neighborhood that are way better than our house and have way lower assessments.

  4. land almost everywhere is over inflated.


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