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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Every Which Way For The Crazies

Today I took both of my clients out. I figure it would be good for them to go some place other then mental or medical appointments
So we went to little ELMIRA store and cafe. For years I heard how good there hamburger are. But I'm a difficult person to please when it comes to burgers.For me they can be difficult to digest. They set in my stomach like a rock

As we're setting and having lunch. When I was done. I went and paid for my fish and chips. Which was very good.
I went and use the bathroom. Told them I want to go out and take photo of the place. 
But I believe but can't prove it. Liz was trying to cheat the waitress out of some money. She tried to tell the girl she gave her $40.00. Well a lease this waitress was on the ball. 

Take care and keep the mental ill on even footing can be a challenge in it self. We stop by and look at this old place.

So we were real close to McArthur Cemetery. I don't recall who first brought to my attention but this cemetery like most other. The dead isn't buried east and west. There just sort scatted in groupings. 
I was told graves was laid  out this way for the return of Jesus. But not all culture PRACTICE THIS. If you read this some people are buried up side down


 It seem like a high number of the graves had there unique looking head stone. Not sure if mail box is actual is a marker for Ed.
Also at Dustin grave was quite a few things used as maker.
Well I did put a letter in mail box and actual there was quite a few item in mail box, not all letters.

Well the other day we went over to see Faith and I told them we might be stopping by  McArthur Cemetery. I had to fine something to entertain my clients.
She told me to say "Hi" to Jim.

It isn't all work for this gal. Mange to get a walk and did my morning stretches. Dinner consist of chicken, dinner roll, and rhubarb sauce.
Breakfast consist of french toast and 2 slice of bacon.
For naughty food to oreo cookies, brownie crumb, a maple bar.
When we was at Faith she gave me a start to her rhubarb plant and it was planted on the south side of the place.

Coffee is on 


  1. You have more patience than I. As much as you've told us about Liz - my BP couldn't handle her. That is an interesting cemetery. I like the mail box idea. I wish I could grow rhubarb here, just too hot I guess. I tried and my plants did not survive.

  2. I've been noticing lately how many random, roadside cemeteries there are in Maine. It may be just a few graves or something bigger but there are a lot of them.

    Weekends in Maine

  3. Best way to get a good hamburger is to make your own.

  4. SJ..Liz is nothing compare to Donna. She would seat on her make believe throne. Snap her fingers at me as she was important and point to what she every wanted. Plus she would play games with my progress notes which is part of my time card....Last time I heard about Donna her last care giver and she had an out...Donna would whistle at her.

    Karen...There cemetery around here also I never heard or been to.

    Bill..Your right about the hamburger.

  5. Sounds like Liz really keeps you busy. I love old cemeteries especially since I started working on my family tree and discovered lots of my ancestors are buried in these teeny tiny cemeteries nearby.

  6. MM I also do genealogy

  7. Very interesting photos of the cemetery. I like the mailbox.

  8. Of course Liz tried to cheat your server. That one is trouble. (I'm not fond of burgers, either. I prefer turkey burgers if I can find them.)

  9. i find the secret to good digestion is always drink boiling hot water with a meal. one night when i was cleaning greasy dishes i pictured greasy food in my stomach and realized that if hot water melts grease on dishes it would do the same in my stomach.

    i now never drink cold water.

  10. I had a rhubarb plant in my back yard last year but it didn't come up this year.

    I won't say anything about hamburger or bacon because it's just naggy anyway.

  11. You have a ton of patience to do what you do. More than I do.

  12. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Boy, that Liz... I don't know how you do it Dora. I'd take anyone, everyone BUT her out n' about. - As for burgers, it is difficult to find a good burger. I like mine with the horns knocked off and a whisper of a moo still coming from it! I throw it on the grill, get it barely brown on one side, flip it over, throw some cheese on it. When the cheese melts I pull it off. Nice n' rare. :) - I would love to have some rhubarb here but I'm in an apt. and I don't know if you can do rhubarb on the patio in a container. Spreads too much I think.

  13. I love old cemeteries, too. I've visited some in the Southern States, and one in Brooklyn (I blogged about that in April) but, strangely, never one where I live. As for your mentally ill clients - you are quite a person - you have a lot to be admired for. I could never do it. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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