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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Almost Midweek Hump

This morning I went to my local T.O.P.S weigh in and meeting. I swore I wouldn't get above 220 pounds again. I was up half a pound and that put me over by quarter of pound.
Murphy took Regis this morning to his speech therapy, and the afternoon I went to Liz place.

End of my shift at Liz. I took her son Paul I ran him into town, he works Graveyard over at Super One.
But I took less an hour at local library so I could do some research on a good sewing machine, for under $250.
We can't afford a $5,000 sewing machine. And I don't do that much sewing to warrant for it.
But I couldn't fine any reviews in consumer report.

Got all the bills paid for the month of April. Wrote out checks for $286. I actual don't mine paying bills.
But the only one just gets to me is my health insurance from our state exchange. Every month I write a check for $83.79 to Bridge Span health insurance.
I real don't need to use it at this present moment.
But I can't afford to use it...My Co pays are $40.00. Then my deductible is $5,000. But even after that it doesn't pick up 100%. It only picks up 70% and we have to pick 30%
When I went and see about getting heath insurance here in Idaho. I had a choice of three companies and they wasn't much different in any of them.
I heard states that expand medicaid and works under the federal affordable care act. The people there has wider choice of health insurance to pick from.
I call my insurance "Two Broken legs and pray not much more happen" or we will be filling bankrupt.

Murphy and I steak out anther roll in garden to plant. Not sure what going in that roll. Our strawberries have blossom on them.
Notice the buds are starting to form on Raspberries.
My eating is stick to fairly health. Only two oreo cookies. Breakfast a bowl of cheerio's with cut up strawberries.
Lunch ground beef patty and portobello mushroom fried. and green salad.
Dinner also green salad. mash potatoes, and roast beef.

It was last year I start to do some walking on North Side of town, across the Kooteni river bridge. Today I park in hospital parking lot. Took a short walk. I'm guess quarter to half a mile.
Question time...Why do people vote against there own interest.
When I walk by the trailer park I notice a lot of candidates sign and they were quite a few ultra conservative.
What are they thinking with the tax cuts it going to lift them up and move them out trailer park.

Coffee is on


  1. Too bad you can't find a decent sewing machine. I'm waiting for you to get at that rug. ;)
    Paying bills is not fun. Medical - whew, I think it's a scam. Had simple blood work done and if I didn't have insurance - it would have been $500! Having insurance, it cost us $50. That's nuts! Your $5,000 deductible - have you ever met it? We seldom meet ours, think we did once since we moved in here and that was because I had my cataracts taken care of. (at the end of the year, no less) Bah!
    Pretty picture of the mountains, you have a nice view there.

  2. SJ...No I won't every meet the $5,000 deductible. That why I call my insurance the two broke leg policy. Then I should meet my deductible

  3. Perhaps you can find a used sewing machine on Craigslist. There's got to be a way to get a good machine on the cheap.

    Why do people vote against their own interests? Brainwashing. They've been told the other party is evil and against them. And many people don't look any more closely than that.

  4. Why do people vote against their own interest? Peppy, I've been asking myself that for years. I have to agree with Liz - brainwashing. What they hear on TV. Politicians know exactly how to manipulate people.

  5. I am always baffled by people voting against their own interests, but as others have said, politicians are experts at twisting truths and manipulating people.

    And it is a shame about your insurance. It must be very frustrating to be paying for something that you can't really afford to use even if you do need it.

  6. Good luck with the weight control and exercise!

    As for people voting against their own interests: I think a lot of people vote based on feeling rather than actual thought and research -- and, unfortunately, politicians know how to sway many people emotionally.


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