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Sunday, March 13, 2016

I'm In Fine Standing

I belong to the "air head club" been a member for ages. I did load of laundry and my cell phone was in my jeans pocket and it went though the washing machine.
Part of the time it went though the dryer.
Now I'm wishing the phone will be ok. But the reality it won't be. If it isn't I'm going to contact CONSUMER CELLULAR and hopeful I can some how convince them to send me anther cell phone.

Got my up coming week figure out. Work that is. But Carrie will be leaving around the 23rd and heading to Bandon Oregon.
So after that my hours will be down to 15.75. Most of my hours will be with Regis.
Even with his mental illness. He is easy to deal with.
I've deal with some real pain in ass.

I was talking earlier with LaWalla and she going to file bankrupted. She will be 66 last day of the month.
At first she was going to try work her self out of debt.Not sure how many hours she would need. But she drives round trip of 62 miles.
Her clients hours is the same as mine, she planning to do it 2 days in roll.
and she want to do other thing like craft.
I know her social security is $900 and something.
Ages ago she was in ENVIRONMENT HEALTH CENTER, the main stream medical don't recognized it.
So medicare or medicaid won't pay for it.
She lives a complete different life style then me.

As for in home care goal I believe she want to quite the end of the year.
Now for my self it a complete different story.
I'll be there until I'm 60, that's four years down the road. Then I'll cut my hours down to 12 hours a week.
But if LaWalla actual leaves end of the year. Maybe I'll take on some extra hours. I'm fairly picky on who I take on.
There no excuse abusing anther person. Take my word there clients who abuse there care givers.

Today Murphy and I move an alpine fir from the corner of our garden out to the front yard. I even got in a walk.
I was going to post about this Japanese man who is for Trump. But I figure I've posted enough today.

Coffee is on


  1. Oops! Sorry about your phone.

    How tall was the tree you moved? I would like one and would be willing to give up thinking about fig trees if I had a nice fir.

  2. It was about 2 to 3 feet tall.

  3. Never heard of the air head club before. Put the cell phone in some uncooked rice or some cat litter for two days, maybe it will dry it out okay, remove the back cover to help it dry out. And remove the chip and battery if you can. Good luck with it.

    I move into my new apartment tomorrow, looking forward to that.

  4. 56, you're still a pup!

    i'm looking for a new tree and have my heart set on an alaskan weeping cedar after seeing 2 of them in a neighbor's yard. if i get one, i'll be long dead before it gets as nice as the neighbor's but what the hell, i like trees.

  5. Good luck trying to dry the cell phone out. It is worth a try. I think all of us have an "air head" story; it happens to the best of us. The important thing is - you are thinking about your future, something too many of us don't do. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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