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Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's Been A Long Road.

I've been a history buff and was wondering about the HISTORY OF BLOGGING I been doing it since 2005.
I first heard about people posting a  ONLINE DIARY on some morning news show. I never kept a journal of any sort when I was younger.
Had a horrible fear someone might find it.
And today I have public blog. My first POST as you see it short. It took me a little time of getting the hang of blogging. When I first started I was worried I would run out of thing to post about.
It's now been over 10 years and here I am.
I was so excited, not to point of wetting my pants. When I had my first COMMENT Like neighborhoods things change thru out our lives. I was wondering how who might be still blogging. I believe it might take some time to find but I did mange to find a blogger from the PAST Don't even recall when the last time I was there. But I did leave a short comment.
Still not sure if the first bloggers are still posting, and if so how have they changed.
Yes and No I would change my blog. I believe I would do the tittle different. But what exactly I'm not sure.
But of course I could do better in my grammar. Who couldn't.
I know I would keep alias when I blog about some one. Simple I don't believe if a child has a bad seed for parent, that he or she will become bad.
We can't go though our life blaming our up bringing, after a while it just don't fly. Every one of us have to take responsibility of our choice and the results of them.
My father was functional alcoholic and I have the choice to be one or not.

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  1. I just realized that I am looking at my tenth year in a few months. I started in 2006 as a way to capture some of the audience I had developed while participating in the Avon Fanlit online writing competition. I sure doesn't feel that long ago.

  2. Oh, my goodness that is a long time! I don't even remember how long I have done this. I have had a couple blogs before this one, but I deleted them and started from scratch both times. Think my Jack and Jill blog was my best, most productive one, but it turned into a job to me. I did have a little separate blog for writing for a time and one on silver for even a shorter time.

    I remember my first comment - I was about ready to just forget doing a blog. I had different reasons to blog then. Now, I'm not as serious about it and enjoying it more.

  3. This is my tenth year of blogging. Wow, time flies. I was hibernating for a few months and commenting less. Now I am back to blogging, hope to post more regularly.

  4. Blogs seem to be going out of favor, seems like everyone is moving to Facebook, even though that is just another form of blogging.

  5. Wow re your having blogged for so long! I've been blogging since November 2006, yet I feel like I'm one of the long timers! And getting (nice) comments is great. I wish that would happen more often -- and I thank you for visiting and commenting over on my blog from time to time. :)


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