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Saturday, February 06, 2016

No Photo

Left my camera in my cousin Rita vehicle. Four us went to Molly baby shower in Spokane Valley. We all rode down together. Which was my two Aunts Eve and Bea.
I struggle with Aunt Eve, her snotty attitude. And the way she nicely put every thing in little boxes. In her thought Muslims are all terrorist, Indians are all dirty, poor people are stupid, and I could go on and on about how she stereo types people.
My husband and I are low income but we're not destitute. For some reason she thinks we're down and out people.
So she tells me and few other how much she spent on the diaper bag, don't recall the price. But I can tell you the baby swing I got for my new up coming Grand daughter cost more.

Haven't yet decide what to call my Grand daughter when it comes to this blog. But her actual name will be Emilia Mae.
When she is born I will then decide what she will be called. For this blog, but for now she has no name.

My daughter in law Molly got a lot of cool stuff for the baby. One thing was a nursing pillow. And a little pushing type of cart that you can put a baby carrier in.
I had a baby carrier and after a while your arm would get sore.

Watch the Republican debate. The last person I would want for President would be Ted Cruz. I wonder if he has any empathy for his fellow man. Maybe for the very rich.

Still crochet blocks using odds and ends pieces of yarn.
My Aunt didn't get her nasty attitude and thinking she so much better then any one else. Because she does have some wealth.
I brought extra sock and undies in my purse. If said something insulting I would of spent the night at my son Bart and wife Molly.
Would have to run to Fred Myers and got T shirt or sleep in one of Bart T Shirt.
Paid for there gas to take me back to Bonners Ferry.

All went well and even stay on track when it came to eat and also a little time on tread mill.

Coffee is on


  1. Nice to hear Molly received a lot of good stuff for the baby shower!

    Your Aunt Eve - everyone has someone like her in their family, thing is you can't choose your relatives and sadly, drowning is not an option.

  2. It's always entertaining to gather with the family. Congratulations on the new grandchild! Showers are so nice to help give the baby what she needs and a few extras. So glad all went well.

  3. Happy to hear about new grandbaby!!

  4. Doesn't your cell phone have a camera?

  5. Bill I just left my camera in my cousin rig.

  6. I got that but doesn't your cell phone also have a camera in it? Mine does.


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