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Monday, February 08, 2016

Down Down

Had chance to work on some genealogy. Work mainly on my husband side. trying to dig up any information.
One thing his Mother paternal side are southerns. My husband Grandpa "Charles Slider" came from POINT TEXAS, and his dad Richard came from Tennessee.
Farther south I found any of my relative is Kansas or Missouri.
But what I found interesting Charles was born in 1902 and his dad death is list as 1900. Question time...how does a dead man father a child.

Been getting a little more movement in. And no eating after seven in evening. So when get on scale tomorrow I would like it to read under 216.
Some where between 215 and 216.
Dinner was delicious. It been a while since I had any beef other then ground beef. Found a london broil in Safeway half off.
Green beans and Mashed Potatoes. When I mashed them add a table spoon of Margarine and some milk.
But didn't add any topping when it was on my plate.
Before 7 I had some vanilla pudding. Don't recall the company that made the pudding. But the vanilla flavor is super strong.

My husband sure been grouche. He seem to be in a lot of pain.

Carrie sure improve over the weekend.
This coming Friday the Medicaid Nurse she will interview Liz and Murphette.
Who knows how many hours any body is assign. I see people who get plenty of hours which they don't need.
And others have hardly any hours.
I put in request for more hours with Carrie. It seem like it takes them every in day, government that is. I don't understand there reason behind this.
I've seen people after a operation or being in hospital. Send home and used there in home care hours up in about one or two days.
If they have operation or accident and they should increase there hours automatic by 25% for two weeks let the medicaid nurse come out. Valuate the situation and adjust hours from there.
If they did it this she would have 21.25 hours.

Unknown what they will do with Murphette. I was going us the word land lord but they just ask her to pay the electric on the place.
There no running water and lady who owns the place can't afford to fix the leak.
So she is ask to be out by the first of April.
I found out though my friend LaWalla there some openings over in Troy Mt for Low income apartments.
So I got her an application for them.
Now the thing is, will she fill out the application.
So what I did offer to take one load over for her when she gets the apartment. But if it some place else as long as it 100 miles or less.

I sure didn't want to nag Murphette or put my nose in her business either. But it seem if someone isn't push her, she sure won't get it done.
This way offering to take load I don't feel as much that I'm being a nag.
I sure don't want to see her back living in her van.

My friend LaWalla is moving into the apartment in Troy next couple of days. She getting her for free she had enough deductions.

Mange to get the wall washed in smaller bedroom which I'm making into my sewing room. Now the only thing is good vacuuming

Coffee is on


  1. The green beans and mashed potatoes sounds great, but I'll pass on the steak!! Hope the scales cooperated for you.

  2. Do you have copies of original death certificate and birth certificate? Anything else you have to take with a grain of salt. Sometimes, even official documents have spelling or other errors.

    Good luck with the scale!


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