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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Some People Relatives, Like Mine

Went over and saw my Aunt Eve. She still behaves like my father. Those two are peas in a pod. Time I wonder if I wonder as time went buy. If I could every got a long with my dad. The more I see my Aunt behavior. I have to say "I have my doubts"
She had some info on the "Shirley" line of the family. My mom's mom side.
Both her and my dad are narrow minded people. Basically bigots. Don't recall what she all said I pretty much let it go though one ear out the other one.
She always saying "God isn't her money" hell some how she sold her trailers and got them back and end up paying the back property tax, and grumbles she had to pay I believe it was $2,000, that amount is a little over 20% of her monthly income.
Question time how can some people be so narrow minded and heart.

Didn't do that much Genealogy. But wondering if I could quickly find a "Kunkle" connection with "Shirley"
I was told my Great Grand dad Charles mother died in childbirth and took the name of Shirley. And his name was "Kunkle"
Well I do have some DNA connection in my line. How I don't know.
What I found that Charles was born to a John and Hannah "Ross" Shirley, and has a bunch of siblings.
Got a small walk in a little more then yesterday. Tracking though the snow is a work out in it self. As for the sweet had some fudge and notice after 3 very small pieces and notice I was eating and quite.
Food so far so good. Waiting for the water to boil on stove. I believe we're having rice for dinner. Along with chicken, and green beans.
Lunch was a skimpy cheese burger, and cottage cheese with fruit cocktail for a snack.
Been doing a little better with water.
Breakfast pancake and bacon.
Snack if needed will be popcorn plain, and maybe some cheerios.

Some photos on my walk around the place. Finley got some batteries in my camera.

Coffee is on  


  1. That's quite a bit of snow, I imagine you worked up a sweat trekking through that. Snow pictures are pretty - happy it's not here though.

  2. Yes, sometimes you even have to stay away from relatives who seem toxic to your emotional health.

    Snow... yeah, your place looks about like ours!

  3. I'm a mongrel but damn near everyone is anymore, to some extent, so to be a bigot about such things is getting a bit out there even though I do bitch about certain blood lines at times. Hum, a bit hard to explain about that.


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