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Monday, January 18, 2016

A Little More A Little Better

Had to call Qunella and cancel our shopping trip to Sandpoint, for Wednesday. We just don't have the funds to do any extra shopping.

As for eating everything went ok. Except I stop in at Super One and had a twenty five cent cone. For breakfast I had slice of cold pizza 
Lunch did my four items which seem to be right for me. Kipper snacks, banana, yogurt, and hazelnuts.
Dinner it was roast pork, potato with blue cheese dressing and beets.
On the way home Carrie gave me piece of MARY JANE candy

Well her and I went to local pain clinic. We stop at dollar store and she also pick up bag of CIRCUS PEANUTS, which I like one or two of them. A little to sweet for me.

 Pasty and she has gripping that every thing was close down because of Martin Luther King day.
She admits she prejudice and she says "I don't know why anyone want to celebrate a Niger birthday" Oh I haven't every seen her act in prejudice way.
Found out her dad was part of KKK. Or lease what she says.

Me personal because of my dad prejudice and narrow minded. I pretty much went the opposite way. I recall my dad having a discussion on race. I recall saying. "All people bleeds red, doesn't matter the race, including blacks"
Hell he even grip about the Italians.
I found out though my DNA I have two percent Italian/Greek in me. Not sure what side it came from. But if I was going to guess it would be his side.
They have olive skin and dark hair. As I do.
He also was big fan of BARRY GOLDWATER and listen to WILLIAM F BUCKLEY JR.

But I have to say toward end of his life he got less narrow minded.

I mange to get in a walk. Went up the road sort of behind the Restorium.a slight hill. walk pass Jeff mom's place, who passed.
Notice the place was up for sale.

I got some more items done in the smaller bedroom. And started to go though my tops in Murphy and my bed room.
I'm taking them to the Hope House.
I have horrible time fitting tops. There either to big in shoulder or I can't bottom them. I'm a freak I have narrow shoulders and big boobs. I take an H cup.

Well I step on the scale at T.O.P.S and at home I been around 215. I should be down from my last weigh in.

Coffee is on


  1. Why in the heck would anyone want to be shopping all the time?

  2. I would love to have my DNA checked. According to family, I am 1/4 Swedish and 3/4 German. Looking at old photos of double cousins - I would swear there is something else mixed in.


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