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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Three For Three

Had plan to do a political post on Isis. But after work I'm just not into it. Anyhow I know it won't do any good, or change anyone minds.
Before I came into the house I went and check the mail. Guess what I had package from a secret sister.
looking forward hanging the owls some place this up coming spring.

Since the last two days been bit off. Soon as I walked in I plan to eat three items. slice of cheese, peanuts, and orange.
I didn't take my four items with me for my lunch.
Well I mange to get my 2 cups of water down before I left for work. But I think and feel I'm doing ok this week keeping my eating under control.
Since Tuesday I feel off the wagon. But pretty much by later in the after noon I got back on the wagon.

Murphy did have his colonoscopy. Found only two polyps, doctor wasn't to worried about them and he had them send off to be bi oped.

Well I'm tired and before I leave for the evening. Our local pagan group Spairfitera is having there coffee and chat.
Super one deli in Bonners Ferry by the fire place 2 in the afternoon.

Coffee is on


  1. I love coffee, but sadly cannot have any past 5 pm as I am having a heck of a time going to sleep. Seems like my mind wants to continually stay on high gear. It is 1:24 am here in Michigan and I am not the slightest bit tired. What should I do? If I drink warm milk, it makes me have to go to the bathroom 2 hours lateer

    Never seen that name before so I looked it up and found your group.

  3. Guess ISIS affects even people living in the Dakotas... On the subject of the name: I wish we could return to a time when it had more positive connotations. Does anyone (besides me!) remember the DC Comics superheroine named Isis (modelled after an ancient Egyptian goddess) who had her own TV series back in the 1970s?

  4. I drink way to much coffee and I just got back from our coffee and chat with our pagan group.

    And our group is getting out there now. But we're going to start meet on the last Wednesday of the month.

    I heard of the goddess of Isis.

    Coffee is on


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