weight lost and walking

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quite Sunday.

Murphy want to go out, and I just like being home. Honestly we both don't want to spend any money.
But I got out and took a short walk to the corner.
Finish decking out our Christmas tree. Also mange to vacuumed and mop the kitchen and dinning area.
Well I'll share some photo as I share my day so far.

Things I don't like doing. over the years I been on this earth I've learn it easier to get it over and to delay it.
Not sure if human body works that way. I doubt anyone real want to hear about your physical aches.
Just a short time ago I had some horrible leg cramps and twitches. So bad it double me over and garbed my left leg.
The reason I don't like much to complain about the down fall of my body. It seem like the people I work with, like it's a game. "I raise you two leg cramps for 3 pounds of farts"
So I'll move on.
 I didn't think I would like the darker photos. But I do.
Talk to both of my sons today. Bart called and invited us over to the BIG HORN LODGE next weekend. But lot depends on the road.
Called and talk to my oldest Sawyer. For someone not quite 30 he seem grouchy. I was wondering if they receive there packages.
They got there padded envelopes but not the box.

It been a while since I made sausage gravy over biscuits. Didn't add any salt to the biscuits, knowing the sausage would have plenty of salt.
Lunch Murphy made some pigs in blanket and a small bowl of chili.
Snack was a gram crackers and milk, with a banana.
Dinner look like chicken, left over biscuits and been told a small amount of rice. Not sure what sort of veggies.
 I even hung sesame street people. This year I only place BERT on the tree. Opinion time...Everyone is important and deserve kindness and a hug.
I got a letter from my health insurance and they want to raise my plan up to $215 a month, and I was just paying under $30.
Plus if one can't find coverage for less then 8 percent of there income, and I haven't even looked
Well Idaho isn't a state to EXPAND MEDICAID. Last figure to receive medicaid here is one needs to have a monthly income under $250 a month. Or be disable.
Opinion time...I would like to toss pretty much all of medicaid. Everyone goes on Medicare, and I'm a person who don't think people should have a free ride in life.
Depending on your health habits one should pay 1 to 5 percent of there gross income, into medicare,
Plus each of office visit, medication, medical test and etc. It will cost you, same price of your monthly bill.
So for me just saying,For the sake of an argument, let use 2.5% payment, my monthly payment would be $5.84 a month, and if I end up breaking my leg. I would still pay $5.84 for each procedure and and the monthly bill.
Opinion time.. lot of people health issues include mine is do to bad habits. This is how I would run our medical system, and pretty much all so toss out private health insurances.

Coffee is on


  1. I love everything Christmas. Your tree is very nice.

  2. " It seem like the people I work with, like it's a game. "I raise you two leg cramps for 3 pounds of farts"
    So I'll move on."



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