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Monday, December 14, 2015

Caught My Self Before I Made a Statement

I was going yell "Yippee. all of my Christmas shopping is done" Then I realize Murphy and I need to pick up something for the white elephant gift for the family exchange.
Planning to stop in at HEART ROCK WINES  and get a bottle of wine and some beers.
I purchased Reggis gift it coming though Amazon. He is into Zombie things, so I got him the "Zombie Tarot" Cards.
Got all sort of ornaments from a fishing creel to a street car. But I thought of two ornaments I don't have is an rolling pin or a tea cup with saucer.


Work wasn't much. Not sure if Carrie forgot I was coming in or not. She has some type of P.S.R (social worker) comes in on Monday from 10 to 12 is to help her find some ambition. Opinion time....If she wasn't on so much medication she might be more get up an go.
She also complain about her memory and I feel it the same reason she having "no get up and do
things". But it was an easy day. A few dishes a little picking up. Visit with Hershel. Even got my son Sawyer tab for his utility trailer add some of his personal ornaments and some papers he did way back in first grade. Mail it off to Medford Oregon Got an 1.75 hour in today. She gets 17.25 hours a week.

Mange to get in a short walk. Park on the North side of the Kootenai river. First turn off and walk up around the rock cut off. 
Eating been pretty much ok. Breakfast eggs, one biscuit, with sausage gravy. Lunch four items: Peanut, yogurt, banana, and strawberry grain bar. Dinner was pull pork, over rice and green beans.
Weight in tomorrow and we're having our Christmas Brunch at CHIC N CHOP and if I had my way I would of like to eat some place else. Food isn't bad but it to much like every day home food. But it safe nothing to chance there. You won't be getting brussel sprout pizza, although they don't serve pizza.

Not sure how this post will look. But for some reason I can't get my courser to go back, It keep making me type from the middle, and I want to start on the left side.
Coffee is on

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