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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Wake Up

    I join a weight lost group, T.O.P.S and every time I leave my home and go to work I mess up. I end up placing to much of junk food in my mouth.
Cookies at Regis and microwave popcorn at Carries.
Breakfast consist of steel cut oats and cherries.
Lunch was a cheese sandwich and pecans.
Dinner pork ribs, pickle beets, fries
Snack pecans

    This morning I called up Murphette therapist and left a message for her, on her situation. That she living in her car, and winter is slowly coming on.
I talk briefly with Carrie PSR worker Edith.
Accordingly to Edith it isn't illegal to live in your vehicle. It all where you park it.
Even Edith says there is a low income housing shortage here.
Just looked on facebook in our local area for housing....3 bedroom and 2 baths is $900 a month.
Usual a single wide moblie home around here rent starts at $400 on up.

                                Not Much Today...Coffee is on....Dora

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  1. It's getting cold at your place but we are still battling with the heat. Wishing for rain.


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