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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I thought I Had It


Murphy took out anther paper birch, and we have one more to go. It is  looking different down in the gully.
All wood has HEAT VALUE. My two favor is maple and birch, complete different reasons.
Still one more birch  to come down.

    Got a little bit more done in the bedroom. Went though all the fabric put it all in one sack. Had some fabric strips cut and they where all under 2 inches (5.08) so they were toss in trash.

Since I had to go to work. I drove Carrie down to the pain clinic.

Breakfast 2 eggs and some potatoes.
I thought I had lunch all figure out. I like eating at noonish or so.  Today I ate 2 items before I left a can of kipper snacks, and piece of toast with peanut butter.
Well I got fairly light headed and even a bit shaky.
Stop in at Burger King and got two cheap bacon cheese burger.
I was ok. felt better
Carrie needed to barrow some cash from me. She needed  money for her pads. They  always paid me back.
Well I bought both of us an twenty five cent ice cream cone at super one, got ten cash. Gave her the cash.
She'll go over to Safeway tomorrow and pick them up, a little cheaper there.
Dinner was ground beef patty, a few fries, and a salad with pomegranate dto ressing.
One piece of kiss, and 5 chestnuts.
If I run into the situation eating lunch early. What I need to do is take some healthy snack that isn't going to play with my blood sugar.

A photo I always want to get is leaf falling though the sky. Our front yard is carpet with gold leaves, waiting for the snow.

                                                               Coffee is on


  1. It was really windy here yesterday, I have a yard full of leaves now,lol

  2. Sounds like a full day!

  3. Beautiful pictures.. we dont have this season Fall where I live. But the pictures look so colorful.

  4. Love the picture of leaves. This is such a beautiful time of year.


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