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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Crunching Numbers

    I been brave and stayed away form junk food or food with no nutritional value
Left over pizza for breakfast, lunch was my basic four items, and dinner it was a pork chop, oven fries, and a salad I made up...a kohlrabi, apples, a little bit of a hot pepper, sweet peppers, and onions. Of course walnuts, with cole slaw dressing.
Got a little carried away with coffee and got a kind bar for hubby and my self.
I know haven't breathe a word of this but "Super One" has hot fudge sundays for $1.00. I'm going to wait after the 20th to possible try one.

In yesterday POST I talk about my wages haven't gone up for three years, hours being cut back, and my trouble working with a possible white supremacy.
Confession time... I have a bit of prejudice in me. 

I got out a piece of paper and list every thing I would need to reestablish a ceramic shop. For inventory and set up shop it would cost me about $6,500.
Couple things I know I wouldn't have is the inventory I had before. The reason are; My last shop I was over flowing inventory. It might sound good but if it unsaleable inventory what good does it do you.
This time my shop square footage will be a lot less.
I know some people will have an issue about driving out to pleasant valley and going in my basement to do ceramic.
At current rental price on commercial building at a $1.50 a square foot. I would need 1,200 square feet to handle my complete ceramic operation. The rent would run $1,800 a month. I haven't even figure my other cost.
Well here is sad news best of my calculation the shop month income would be $1,200 on a good month. A bad month $100. So let just call it $650 a month.
Having it out of my home my monthly over head would be about $250 a month.

Murphy and I been watch ALLO ALLO a British comedy about the French Resistance. We both think SAM KELLY plays his part quite well and makes both of us laugh. In this his part is HANS

I got quite a few of crochet dish cloth done for my daughter in laws. Betty and Molly. I'm thinking of getting my sons Sawyer and Bart a varieties of tapes. Such as electrical, masking, duct tape, and etc.

Oh I forgot a brief run down what went on here today. Murphy and I took some of vines off the trills today.
I clean up around ware the wood is being chopped. Got a nice kindle pile to start the wood stove with.
Did up the dishes today.

Coffee is on


  1. Interesting. We watched 'Allo, 'Allo several years ago and found it quite funny. Both my husband and I are big fans of British comedy.

  2. Dorthy..I got the DVD from the Library

  3. Any hope that a local school would "sponsor" your ceramic set-up and perhaps let you collect a fee for adult evening classes? There are grants out there for senior services and activities -- and you've got both elder-care and cermamic shop manager on your resume.

  4. Beth that a wonderful ideal. I will consider it and look into it. The sad news in I live in Idaho, not a progressive state at all.

  5. Maybe someday your dream will happen...I do hope so because good dreams should.
    Unfortunately expenses can put a hold on so many things. Money is always a challenge for most of us. Just daily living expenses can get one down.

    Wishing you hope and goodwill, Dora~

  6. Sounds like you're seriously thinking of going it alone workwise. Good luck with that! I think it'd be a brave thing to do.

  7. i don't know beans about ceramics but i had bean soup for lunch and bean soup for dinner.

    healthy, low calorie, tastes good and after making the big pot, there's very few dishes to wash.


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