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Friday, October 09, 2015

I'M Sure 2016 Isn't The Year

For ages the kitchen window never open. Finely with spare parts from the other windows we can now open them.
I would like it earlier so during the night time we could of open and let the night air cool the place down.
Well no need to cry over spilled milk.
Murphy and I bedroom window still should be replaced.
I don't see getting to them in 2016.
Murphy wants a deck and believe we now have the lumber for it, since we tore the shed down. Also I want to get rid of quite a few items.

Not sure if I mention this or not. My hours got cut back 2 and 1/2 hours. Also Murphy social security check will be loosing a 104 for Medicare. So our pay check will be down $204 a month. Which doesn't sound like much.
Are household income was about $1,719 a month and now it $1,519. Only needs four hours a week at $10 and hour to regain what we lost for house hold income.
32 hours with Idaho Partners In Care would be ideal and even have room for a little opps in life.

I know Pasty could use some help around the place. Confession time....The biggest thing bothers me about her...she claims to be a white supremacy. 
She actual said she would disown her own children if she married out side of there race.
Plus she has quite a few mental problems and one of them is PERSONALITY DISORDER. In simple term I believe she could play what I call "Bull Shit" people games.
She close and I understand people can't help being "Mental Ill"
Opinion time...I believe everyone is mental ill to point or at some time.
But being a bigot is a choice.

Then I even reconsidering open my ceramic shop. But I have so far to go to get it ready to open it. Carrie is so easy I could still do that job and have my shop open 12 hours a week.
At this time I don't feel comfortable taking much out of saving to gamble on a so so called business.

I'm only going to tell you my naughty food I ate today. 2 snickerdoodles, 2 bits of honey candy, and four piece of candy corn.
We did get the first coat of brown paint on

Coffee is on


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  1. Dreams are what help keep us going and I do hope that your dreams and plans come true and all of your windows will be as you want them someday. Unfortunately not many of us are independently wealthy so it takes us a while longer to accomplish what needs to be done...but it sure feels great when we can manage even one task to be finished.

    BTW...I love the quilts in your postings. They are gorgeous!!!

    Have a nice weekend~


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