No Crocus In Fall For Me

Posted Saturday, September 05, 2015 by peppylady (Dora)

Murphy and I went up to see our friend Quenella up our Katka. She showed us around her gardens. One of the things I admire was her sunflowers. We didn't grow any. Maybe in 2016 we will.
Her green beans didn't do at all.

She has quite a few fall crocus clumps. Visit for little over and hour. Told me about her son Murphen trouble with his first ex wife.
It seem like she likes to use there son to get even with Murphen
Plus she gather up quite a few bedding. For all the years I known her they always found a family to help out.

This year I got the Hope House and local food bank. I'm strongly considering helping out two of Alice Grandchildern. Jarret and Aaron for next year.

After Quenella we went up to our Property on the bench to check out our fruit trees. Nothing got water by the rain. Only way things got water this summer was by a garden hose.
The only tree that barred fruit was our Italian Prune.
By the look of things we are either going to can them in pints or dry them but not both.

As for becoming healthier. It was an ok day. Lunch was little better then yesterday because a little more thought went in to it. Ice cream cone and a shrimp burrito with plenty of veggies.
Dinner was the best. Some one gave us some blue back or known as KOKANEE, land lock salmon. My uncle Bossco use to fish for them and smoked it.
I might as well confess...I finish up the pear pie only one large piece left. Not going to post about what I should of done.

Today I wrote out two cards for my pen pals. Both of the cards are going over seas. And I put a few stickers in each card

I bought this card from UNDER THE SUN and this card is going to KENT ENGLAND 

My next card is heading off to SOUTH WALES a place called "Fleur De Lis"  I believe this card I got at SANDPOINT SUPER DRUG I like this one it reminds me when I was young and starting grade school. I wore paisley jumpers.

My next two cards and one Slamm will be going to BOISE and OLSVIK

Still working on the Shirley side. My mothers mothers family. At this time I'm gathering info on my Great Grand father "Charles Shirley" siblings. It looks like his parents John and Hannah "Ross" Shirley had 10 children.

This Hannah Shirley, called Annie born in Pennsylvania on Feb 1862 the civil war was going on. She died April 28, 1935
Married to Tom Hurley. As far as I can see they had two children a boy and girl.

Annie was a member of Children Missionary Society but not sure though which religious organization. Looks like the next older Sister Clara and brother in law Tom are Quakers. 

                                                  Coffee is on

  1. It's fascinating to learn about your ancestors. The life they lived back then was so different from our life today. And the women had such large families. Ten children- phew!

  1. Through a family contact, I've been digging into family history, too. It is a touching and fascinating thing to do. I love the artwork on that old card that you shared.

  1. I haven't seen fall crocus in a long time. I wonder if these are the same crocus that produce saffron, which is so expensive we never use it in cooking. We tried growing it years ago, without success. Alana

  1. kokanee is a very popular beer up here. i pick up lots of empty kokanee cans and 10 cents each.

  1. Thank you for stopping. I have many fall blooming crocus in my yard, the off spring of three bulbs my father purchased in 1945. Some have traveled with me in my moves. Three years ago we dug up the bed of them and found the few we had planted moving here, twenty five years ago, were in the hundreds. I gave away two or three hundred and planted another two hundred in a very large garden. They are blooming now, and spreading. Their name is colchicum. To answer the question above, they are not saffron crocus (worse luck!).

  1. I have never liked to garden much, maybe just a few plants.

  1. Luckily a maiden aunt spent her life researching our family history and, as official hoarder I have the family tree, portraits and photos going back to the 17th Century. God knows what'll become of it all, neither me or my brother have offspring. xxx

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