Monday, September 07, 2015

Never Know How Ones Day... Will End Up Being

Not sure how I would grade my self on my eating yesterday. We met some friends down at HOOT OWL one of those all American cafe that serves mainly comfort food.
Such large portion I split mine in half and had the other half for lunch.
Bart and Molly was up with his in-law. Bart and his father in law Paul hiked up on Clifty Mountain which you can see the entire kootenai valley.
After they came down from there hike. We all went to MI PUBELO and ate. I keep mine down to one enchilada. First time there and lot of local say how good it is and at reason price.
They was all telling the truth.

Before work I had 2 strips of bacon, potatoes with one egg. Even got in my morning walk today.
Lunch was a little more difficult. I took my four items with me and I don't like to eat at my client home in front of them.
So I ate part of it driving home and finish the rest of it at home. Confession client Carrie had some Taffy and I got a little carried away. Dinner I know it will consist of chicken legs, I believe is beets and not sure of what type of starch.
If it early enough which is before seven I might have a banana Popsicle.

I was going to post the five fliers I made for our coffee gathering for our local “Earth Base Faith” but I couldn't find them this morning. Had to get to work but found them when I got home. This time I was smart and put them in my car.

Question time....Have you every misplace something? At this time I made an ATC (Artist trading card) which I'm planning to but in a small letter writing kit that I'm giving away thought a group of crafters pen pals I belong to.

I did find it, the ATC card. Almost ready to be shipped.
Start to make anther dish cloth as you can see it purple. The stitches I'm doing on this one is half double using back loops.

Labor day and not much on the news. I don't think “workers” get much dignity

It pretty sad that people who works over a 30 hour week can qualify for government aid.

                                                    Coffee is on

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