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Monday, September 21, 2015

Just Finish and Then Starting

        Just finish up my two purple dish cloth I been crochet. Now just started a turquoise ones. Each pair I try to a little different stitching. This one is posse to have an X look to it. But at this point I can
see little flowers forming.,
 Placing two double crochet in one stitch and every other one.
I got more cotton yarn and for the life of me I can't find it.

     After I got done with work Murphy and I went and to some harvesting of gardening. Picked some peppers, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.
Did up the dishes.
Murphy is still having trouble with his back.

     Not saying my husband have a terrible disease. I was looking out for a possible raining day. At our present time I work a little over 24 hours a week and take home every other week. $528 and Murphy Social Security check is $780 a month. But since I'm under 60 and if something happen to him. I can't get benefits of any sort. And that the way life is.
I figure to make ends met I would have to add anther 10 hours a week, total of 34 hours.
It doesn't mean I'll have to take on anyone who treats me like crap. So I'll keep my ears and eye open for a little more time.

       Now for news about my offsprings. Sawyer and Betty just got back from a two week holiday. One week they visited the east coast of the united states. The New England States. The off to Iceland drove around the entire Island.
I promise Bart and Molly I wouldn't let the cat out of the bag. Finely they gave me permission. I'm going to be a "Grandma" it due March 27th. But babies come when there ready.
Sunday Bart and Molly is taking off to Maui for not quite two weeks.

            I had my ancestry DNA done. I was told that my dad mother Elise family was French and Indian. Well there no Indian or French.
My results are as fellow...39% Great Britain, 34% Western Europe, 14% Irish, 7% Iberian peninsula, 4% Scandinavia, 2% Italy/Grece, and trace regional 6%  

                                                       Coffee is on

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