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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Almost Half Time.

      2015 summer time goal was to put in two windows on the west side bedrooms. Add deck to our sliding glass door and have a yard sale.
Well complete half of them, windows. But still have to put up the trim and siding.
Our kitchen window, and Murphy and my bedroom window needs to be replace.
Murphy mention about replacing our basement window. Not even sure what that will take.
I don't see completing the yard sale this year or the deck. Our other window isn't all that bad. Maybe in 2016 I can do the yard sale and get the deck in.

Several reason I want to have a yard sale. Is to make the small bedroom in to a sewing/craft room. Get rid of the stuff in the shed/barn. There items I know of that would be useful. But quite a bit is in dis-ray. Actual clutter drives me nut...Confession time....My home is a fairly clutter not dirty and it and embarrassment to me

The medicaid nurse showed up and re-cert Carrie. There was a problem with her miles so I'm getting my hours cut a least by 2 hour. Possible less.
The 24th she going to see about getting a hip replacement. If they do surgery them my hours will go back up and even some more.
Confession time...I would like to see medicaid set up a different, that it would actual benefit client. 
I been clued in or figure to keep my job and make the agency money. I don't want or need my client to improve. Or get so bad that they end up in a nursing home.
Just receive we got our first half bonus. Mine was just a little over $500 and I'll be paying the second half of our property taxes.
Someone bought up about getting a raise. It been three years since we got anything.
I was trying to find what the agency get paid from medicaid in Idaho. No luck. All the agency around here pays under $8.50.
A lease Idaho Partners In Care a lease respect there workers and pays above $10 and hour.
Opinion Time...They need laws about EXPLOITING workers. I under stand that some small business owner has a small profit margin. But when a C.E.O or the owner of business is making 500 times what his or her average employee makes. There something wrong with this picture in my book.

Don't think I been gaining and loosing any weight. Steak for dinner, carrot we can up this summer, and oven fries.
Heinz came out and help with window. Also his step grandson Kelbey came too. So I had him carry our bedroom air cooler into the basement, chop some wood, and help with the window.

Finely got the ideal to Murphy that we can hire a little bit of help. I told him we can spend up to $250 this year at $10 and hour. To save the wear and tear on his back. At this point we spend $60 on labor.
 Not sure what going on with his back. We're waiting for medicare to kick in the first part of November.
He taking hydrocodone and I got my fingers cross that they will do one more refill. I know this prescription won't last until his medicare kicks in. Don't want to pay for anther office call.
Got my fingers cross for one more refill. and then we can get x ray and what every else we need.
I'm worried about his back.
At one not long ago he could lift his right leg off the floor as he was laying down. Though exercise he can get his right leg off the ground

Coffee is on


  1. Hard to get things done sometimes, I'm sure not as fast as I used to be.

  2. Visiting from NaBloPoMo.

    You have had one busy summer! I haven't gotten near that much done. Still working on the rain gutter that came off due to a heavy and lasting ice storm this last spring. Keep up the good work!

  3. those were pretty ambitious projects. summer's over and it's time to get serious about bean soup. i hope murphy doesn't mind passing gas.


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