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Friday, August 21, 2015

Couldn't Afford An Orangutan

Been going though the alphabet and my donation letter this time was the letter “O” and I purchase up to $15.00 worth of items to donate to our local food bank. So with brain power of one volunteer at the local food bank, she came up with ideal of “Oranges”.
I got this items at SUPER ONE they give very little to our local food bank. I know WESTERN FAMILY gives none. Some one told me the reason they don't donate was a liability issue.
Then our store in Down Town Bonners Ferry, HARVEST FOODS give zero to our local food bank. The food banks has the opposition to purchase at a discount.
Well SAFEWAY tep up there donating to our local food bank, as Albertson and Safeway I guess merged there giving more to food bank.
It use to be just bake goods and now other department is also donating now there a chance people to get fresh produce, dairy, meat, and etc.

Eating is seem to be some what under control today. Dinner was beef stronganoff, serve over mash potatoes and we add an parsnip from the garden. I made a plan how much I was going to eat.
Left overs went in to the fridge.
Lunch I ate at home. Still keeping to my four items....hot dog with bun, cheese, and wiener which counts as three. Then also some garbanzo beans.
And breakfast consist of one and only one piece of bacon, grated potatoes, and scrambled eggs with peppers.
Around or little after I had an banana Popsicle
Confession time....I ate two samples at Super one. 

It wasn't all that hot this afternoon. So Murphy and I did up some can tomatoes. 11 pints. I figure two rounds of any thing is enough. 8 to 32 jars of anyone type of food will be enough.
Not saying I won't do any something with tomatoes but it won't be straight tomatoes.

I believe we will freeze the TOMATILLOS which we done in the past, happy with the results.

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