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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Appointments Is Talking The Fall.

           Every since I had my colonoscopy, my digestion been off. So has my eating habits. But today I'm getting my self back on track.
Confession time....I been constipated, usual I don't have trouble pooping. But since I did to get ready, and I'll call it a scrub down for my colon.

Then our fair was this past weekend. My friend Gloria and her husband Paul comes up to our county fair.
As we was at the fair we got some kettle corn. There a local family who been doing kettle pop corn for ages and is quite popular. Murphy and I bought a five dollar bag worth.
Although it isn't all gone. Opinion time....It is good.

 So after we saw the fair. We took our guest to eat at UNDER THE SUN and always want to try it and it gets a lot of high praise. I wasn't disappointed in my meal.
There a quilt show I believe is first Saturday in October. I would like to have my daughter in law Molly and her mom Heidi come up to our local quilt show. Then I can take them out to lunch.

          Breakfast I tried a new recipe, RICOTTA PANCAKE There quite a few of these recipes. Me personal I believe it would have been better as a waffle. I want to know the NUTRITIONAL VALUE of these pancake since they have ricotta cheese. Editor note...I made up my own recipe.
I ate I guess would called it 8 inch pancake with almond butter and tablespoon of pancake syrup. But also I had about 4 inch with nothing on it. 2 small slice of bacon. 
Lunch was left overs from Under the sun. Not sure what it was called, tortilla shells with salmon, squash, and blue-cheese. Plus a 6 ounce of strawberry yogart.
Snack was two times in the day, kettle corn.
Dinner will be a pork chop, some type of carb, and a fruit or veggie.

          Carrie fell at the fair. She called me Saturday and told me she broke her ankle and chip a bone . It wasn't broken it was sprang. But I promised I would come in Sunday. I loaded up there washing machine and played a board game skat. She won 3 rounds and I won 1 round.
I'll go in Monday. I know I have to take her to her doctor appointment unsure of the time, change her bed linen, fold laundry, and what every else she needs done.

                                                   Coffee is on


  1. Hi, Dora!

    Thank you for dropping by today. It was a pleasant surprise.

    I do hope that you will feel better soon.
    Sounds as if you are a very busy lady...which helps to make the day go by faster.


  2. ground flax seeds, nature's laxative and you get a bunch of omega 3's as an added bonus.

    best of all, they're dirt cheap.

  3. A colonoscopy improved, my digestion, I think. I like to eat foods that gives me the shits that squirt through me. :-)


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