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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Pot Won't Be No Grand

       Never explain or mention if there is a winner to our CHALLENGE Well there is. We earn slip of paper that we put our name on for a drawing.
For first 50 points your name will go into a drawing. For each 25 points you earn and additional ticket.
Most daily task are worth one point. Cleaning eating is one point per meal. Today I earn 2 points, lunch to many carbs.
Then our personal success we grade our self and we can give our self up to 5 points.
Then we have weekly points...10 points for logging in daily, 25 points for contact anther member, 5 positive comment to share, 5 points for staying for meeting, 1 to 5 points for personal goal, 5 points for trying a new healthy food, and 1 point for weigh in.
Also we can pick extra ticket by either doing a presentation or bring a guest.
$1.00 goes in the kitty and in September we draw a name out of the hat. More points you earn the more odds you will win.
Then the person who has the most points usual get a little something.
The group is trying to make a little extra money to go to SRD which is our big hooptiy doo and will be held in Courd'Alene.
And was decided to do a 50/50 split.

       Like I said lunch was to many carb. At Carrie I had two Oreo cookies, Then after all was done I went down to see Pasty and Regis was there. Over there I had a beer, and piece of some type of sponge cake.
Breakfast scrambled eggs with peppers, cheese, a little bit of bacon, and olives. One slice of whole grain toast with butter.
Dinners carrots, cucumbers, radish, chicken leg, and burrito.
Well I still felt hungry and it wasn't quite 7 and I had an raisin english muffin with peanut butter.
Confession time...I'm still hungry and I don't feel satisfy. Yesterday I did.
I did get my walk in. Actual mange to get in two of them. The morning I walk to end of my Aunt Eve field, down the road. Then in evening I mange to walk 5 power line poles total walking time 50 minutes.

Started to sew strips of fabric together for the rag rugs I'm making for Christmas.
Confession time....I'm starting to wonder if I even have enough fabric. The average price of fabric is $10 a yard and I've got about $60 worth in the fabric
I'll keep my eyes up for cotton fabric at thrift store and maybe I'll find something in the correct color.
Worked a little bit on a dish cloth. But also worked on Daisy rag rug.

Coffee is on 

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