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Friday, June 19, 2009

On the Same Page

I been slowly reading a book by Donna Eden called Energy Medicine I’m so tired of feeling low energy.
I’m even having trouble getting though this one.
I only work 16 ¾ hours a week. I usual feel wiped out. I’ve had my thyroid check and it always come back normal

I took Murphette to Bonner General Hospital in Sandpoint. I believe they did a D “n” C on her. Something close.
We had a wonderful trip and a nice conversation.
It makes me feel so good when I can have friends on same page as me. A least over 75% of the time.
We talk about spiritual things.
When she holds a rock she get a great spiritual feeling from the rock.
I never thought much about rocks.
Except some of them are pretty.
She reading a book, which talks about a ball with, sparkle lights, which I’ve seen before. Now I want to get this book
We talked about what some may call “End Times” I guess I real don’t look at it something terrible.
We as children of the earth can mange earth and make it a more peace of desirable place to be.
It simple we need to just open our heart and get long with each other.
Forget the bullshit of your god/dess is the only way and truth.
Then on the way back I bought her and my self a junior whopper and BK Joe. First time having a BK Joe.
I could be addicted to BK Joe.
Then on our trip back we talk about Evaluation and possible her getting some home care.

As she was in surgery. I did some things like put up a few small poster on a film and decisions. We are having in Bonners Ferry on immigration for the next three Tuesday, June 23rd will be the first.
I want to go but I don’t know if I’ll have enough energy to do it.
One of the place I went to was Truby Health (no crap in there food) store. I was hungry for something and I bought a cookie.
A short time after I ate the cookie I had this killer of headache.
I want to check out the bookstore that was in basement of the Gardenia Center. I though she had a nice little store. She calls her business Inquire Within
I hope someday I can support her business.
It seem like we are playing Catch up.

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  1. Hey Lady, enjoyed your blog today, we do sound very much alike! I sincerely do hope to get up there soon! I started taking calcium supplements about 2 months ago and I can really tell the difference in my energy. Have you ever considered this? Would love to chat... "I LOVE coffee"!


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