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Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Clove To Do The Price

I want to sleep well during the night. Yesterday from work once again I was exhausted.
I feel my client doesn’t work me all that hard.
Then during the night I kept having what I call a bunch of mini dreams

This morning I went out and took a picture of our first ripe strawberries. We don’t have a large patch.
It’s the right side for us.

Daisy in her thinking. Fetch is the only game in town. She will bring an item for someone to throw and she can go and get it.
She took out she hard plastic bone.
Just waiting for me to toss it.
Actual she prefers Bart to throw it. Simple he can heave it a lot father then me

I haven’t yet grip to much about the weather. Every thing is growing so well and nicely.
I took some picture of my hodgepodge flowerbed.
I went into the store this evening after work to grab a few items. One thing I need was clove for my parasite cleanse.
I couldn’t believe the price of clove over $8.00 for little container of it.
I know I can get it in bulk a lot cheaper either at our local health food store or up on north at Sharon’s Country Store.
There was a little bit of left in jar so I did take my parasite cleansing stuff.
Made some veggie juice a mixture of different things.
There was some organic greens marked down and 8 oz package for .99¢.
But I notice one of the gas station went up in price. $2.79 a gallon. Usual the chevron is the first to go up and the rest will follow less then 48 hours.
Murphy foot is bothering him it doesn’t look swollen but he is using a kitchen chair to get around.


  1. Could Murphy's foot be a bone spur? Hubby had that and was hard for him to walk. Your garden look wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your garden looks lovely!


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