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Friday, May 15, 2009

I've Return To The Human Race.

I had been though the wringer this last week. I was going to post something yesterday evening but I was to beat and thing I could of post is negative thoughts about my job. And who want to listen to me complain.
So a good sleep should give me a better look on life

Murphy got most of the house caught up yesterday. He didn’t work do to the weather.
So today I did a two loads of laundry, dishes and vacuumed the living room.

I decided to a little yard sale looking. I was on a hunt for anther item to add to my winter box. Which everything is under $2.50.
Plus any other great finds.

So I’m adding this glass plate to the winter box.

I got a piece of tupperware for .50¢. My hubby use to call tupperware suckerware. Bunch of ladies will sit and get sucked in purchasing suckerware.
I haven’t been to a home party for years

Boy we got major problem with our shower. It needs some major overhauling. It leaks like the devils nose.
So for now we capped the water going into the shower and been taking baths.
But for now it looks like we will put up a shower curtain. Just need to go buy the bar to hold the curtain in place.
Both he and I basically agree on how we should redue the bathroom.
But with the economy we are sitting tight.
He isn’t working a 40-hour week and no pay raise either.
Plus there two other project we started that needs to get back on. Like painting the shop/garage and do some planting in the flowerbeds and veggie garden

I went over and to see what Donna and Lewalla was talking about Biofeedback Donna and Lewalla friend brought her biofeedback machine in and it was amazing what it can do.
So I’m going in for a treatment of the 29th of May.
I can see an improvement in Donna health. Not sure if it all the biofeedback machine. She went to a raw diet, been using Lawalla special light, and the biofeedback machine.
I believe and others do to it a factor of all three


  1. Welcome back to the human race!

  2. I'm sorry your job has been rough lately. And no shower, that is rough.

    I start my vacation today. We do plan a day trip over to Idaho Silver Valley.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Rest well my friend! You seem incredibly busy and productive. Reward yourself. Some coffee? :)

  4. I really need to do some housework, but the motivation isn't there right now.

  5. Welcome back! I hope your biofeedback works. I've heard good things about it.

    You are one busy lady! Have a good weekend!


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