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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digging In The Dirt On Mothers Day

I was planning to take the May day picture at the cow creek rd and crossport rd. For some reason I never got around to it.
So I just snap this from our place.

Now for Mothers day I did some planting of my primroses. I put the drumstick one that Faith gave me in my hodgepodge flowerbed.

Then I put 2 regular and a drumstick one in my royal sunshine flowerbed. My yellow tulips are doing fine and so is my daffodils.
I keep seeing more and more coming up.

I put four primroses out in the patriotic flowerbed, which is very weedy.

Today was the 1st time Murphy mowed the lawn and did some trimming with the weed eater.

My hubby doesn’t give me anything for mothers’ day and the reason he doesn’t he says I’m not his mom.
This is true but I am a mom still.
Does anyone out in blogger world was this problem?
My youngest one Bart wish me a happy mothers day and Sawyer gave me a card.
Even my client Donna and her dog Rex gave me a card.


  1. It is our anniversary too and I am lucky that I tell him we are going out to eat. I do not get any gifts. I enjoyed your flowers.

  2. happy mother's day!!! God bless you, peppy!

  3. Yup, I'm in the same boat. This is our second marriage and he also says I"m not his mother. But that's o.k. I get cards and phone calls from my kids. And I buy flowers for our kitchen table.

    I like digging in the dirt. That's a good way to spend Mother's Day.

  4. Love your gardens!! Happy Mothers day - I had fun with my daughter & her girls, & got to see my son & his kids as well! My 3 yr old grandson brought me a box of eggs from their chickens :)

    I tagged you - come over to the Vale!


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