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Saturday, January 03, 2009

photo Hunt (Hope)

I haven’t done photo hunt for a very long time and it might well been since the days of the cover wagon. LOL
Sense the holidays are behind us and I like a challenge.
So this week theme is HOPE and next week theme will be “aftermath” so to be part of photo hunt please click here

Dear ole snow blower gives us hope that our drive way stays clear so we can adventure out in the world.
I sure would hate to shovel our driveway out by a shovel

I start to work on the smaller bed room.
That I would like to turn into a so-called craft room and home office.
It basic now use to catch stuff so I went and did some organizing.
I would like moving out the queen size bed and putting in a twin bed. But when Bart moves out I real can’t move that bed.
That bed will go back into the room he is using.
But there no reason I can’t start on it

Washed whites and some blankets that goes on the bed in what will come the craft/home office.
Also did some dishes and vacuumed.
Paid a couple of bills one was our internet connection which is $19 a month and our gas bill which was just under $45.
Both Murphy and I are waiting for our checks so money is a little tight around here now.

Well I was thinking of embroidery some pillow cases and given them out for Christmas gift exchange and lord and behold I came across some pillow cases although not sure of the size but they measure 42 X 38 ½ inches.
But I’m not sure if these pillowcases are for a full size or a king size pillow.

I also found this pretty embroidery pattern it got quite a few lazy daisy stitches and I haven’t embroidery for years and I feel I want something a little easier to start back up again.


  1. I used to do photo hunt. I don't know why I stopped. No snow is predicted for today so I am going to make it to costco. I used to love to do redwork embroidery. I love that pillowcase. When you complete it you will definitely have to post a picture of the finished project.

    Have a warm fun Saturday.

  2. Wow, embroidery is one of the few needle arts that I really would love to learn and that pattern is so pretty!

    You could always get a breakfast tray and use the bed as your crafting space.

  3. I wish I had a snow blower to clear my driveway with, though with this hill I'm not sure I could get one like yours back up once it's down. I need a ride on one that has good chains on the tires. I live on a steep hill.

    I like that embroidery pattern and think it will be beautiful when you finish it. I can understand that after years of not embroidering that you would want to start back into it with something a bit easier though. Kind of like getting your feet wet again, lol. There are many crafts I have done in the past and no longer do now, and some of them I would like to find the time to get back to... like spinning wool and weaving. Ahhhh... one of these days.


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