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Monday, January 05, 2009

Heart Trrending News

I was hoping not to bring some heartrending news or I should say not as much. But a good one down pour sometime is the best

Last night my friend Quenelle called and she was distress and I first I didn’t know who it was on the phone. She was saying “My husband passed away” and then I said who is your “husband” see I wasn’t sure who it was.
But I didn’t want to see uncaring to even a stranger.
Then she said “Michael” and I perked up.
She then started to tell me what happen that Michael collapsed and they could revive him.
So I ask her if she want us as Murphy and I to come out and she said “yes” I kind of think we were the first friend she called.
She called her parents and there son Murphy.
Both of us got dress and were getting ready to head up there for comforting her but she called back and one of her neighbor friends was coming over.
I talked to her this morning and she said she want to be a lone and take down the Christmas tree and ask if we could stop by tomorrow and help her.
I offered an ear for her and she might call me this afternoon.
What she explain and from talking to her the day before I would guess her hubby had some type of heart type.
It sound like the same story what happen to my mom and thought she caught some stomach bug

Couple of our family member suffered though some illness.

Murphy sister Susan who lives in Illinois thought she was having a heart attack and went into some hospital and they found out she wasn’t having a heart attack but they did fine out she had high blood pressure.
Murphy mom had a heart attack and died when she 44 not quite 45.
But I understand that she had high blood pressure and her legs would swell up.
Opinion time…I don’t think there dad would have been an easy person to live with

Then there is my cousin Alice who ended up in ICU but I’m not quite sure what is wrong with her.
She was bleeding from the rectum quite rapidly and ended up in emergency room because she lost quite a bit of blood.
After some test they found out she had a tumor (non cancers) size of grapefruit. In her stomach area and for some reason there not going to move it but put in some type of pump in her and give her either chemo or radiation treatment. It even might be more.
But I don’t know when is all to happen

My Uncle Henry just had a hernia operation that ran into some difficulty. Most people now I know people who have had a hernia operation are in the hospital less then 3 days.
He was there for two weeks that they ran into some trouble.
I know his bowels were twist 360° degree; he puffed up, and had an irregular heartbeat.
But now he is home and can recover in his home that he is more comfort and freedom


  1. Oh I am so sorry to here all this. I hope they make a full recovery. Big hug.
    It seem to be the season for loss and illness. We lost 5 people near Christmas.

    But the good news is Our first Granddaughter should be here in 2 days.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's loss. I don't think I would be able to function if I loss M.

    Here's to better times and less sadness.

  3. I'm very hard to hear about your friend's husband.


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