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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Starting To Sit Up

As I was on the computer briefly for a few moment checking out some prices on Amazon.
Murphy went out on our front steps and slipped all the way down to the bottom because it was so icy this morning.
I checked my blog early this morning and I was beginning to think that blogger did something to their site.
I had trouble getting the links to work for my coffee pal.
A short time latter it starts to go again.
I have a hard enough time to a blog.
I’ve got different awards and I don’t know how to post them on my side bar

So today I had to go into town the main reason was to go My Uncle Bob and Aunt Anne 50th wedding anniversary.
They just had an open house with cake at the Lutheran Church.
I saw some of my local relatives and lot of time I feel like Lisa Simpson when I'm around my family.
But before I went to my Uncle and Aunt Open house I went over to Larson I got Sawyer Christmas present.
I went over to the dollar store in Bonners to buy some small ceramic yule tree to set on the altar but they had nothing in there I liked or would look right with it.
I saw a way to make them out of card stock and glitter.
But I don’t want to buy glitter I’m just having trouble paying the price they want for glitter.
Statement time…I just paid around $80.00 for my son present and I’m bitching about a few bucks for glitter
So Tuesday Quenelle and I are going to Sandpoint to do some shopping I’ll stop in at the dollar store there to see if they have any tree.
If not I saw bird house item I’ll get.

So I guess when Bart get off work I’ll have him drag in the tree. Murphy is still pretty sore


  1. Poor Murphy. Sounds like you are busy!

  2. Oh dear, poor Murphy! I hope you spoiled him a little that day!


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