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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Yule 08

Happy Yule to all!!!!
The longest day of the year and no sunshine today but actual with the graying clouds and actual it sort of have soft look to winter out side.
The snow is so fine that coming down and we only receive 3 inches on the ground.

I haven’t got the change to put up my nativity set and it doesn’t look like I’m going to.
Bart and his dad went to town and as they where driving home. The battery cable came loose on the pick-up so they called me to bring some cables to jump the rig.
As I was going to get them.
Confession time…I was in hurry and didn’t let my card window defrost and couldn’t see popular and out the rig in snow bank.
So I went over to one of my second cousin and he help me pull it out.
So I got to them and we jumped the pick-up and they were cold to the bone

I’m craving peanut brittle now or something sweet. I’m thinking of making a batch up after dinner

Patty who I take care of gave me some sesame salt for Christmas and some other goodies. But she said to me one of the things needs to be put in the fridge.
Murphy like the flavor real well and going to use it on the pork tonight for dinner.

I been making up my own card and this card represent believe
Someday my personal believes are real strong and other days it not. On the days they are weak and actual they should be strong.
The days that my beliefs are at it strongest I then wondering if I’m looking at all the sides of something or I’m missing an important point.
But I have to have faith that I have a belief and it knows.
When powers higher then ours good or evil comes to be part of our life and things are going array we need the heart of belief that it will work out for the best.
I don’t believe for one moment that we have a hand in our own being but yet I believe we walk though many rhelms on this life on earth that we make choices in.
It ok to believe in something that you can have no physical contact with something it gives us the goodness of faith that there is good spirits helping us in what every rhelms we may get in by accident or own choosing.


  1. I love your card. One of my most precious gifts is a card from my daughter given to me on mother's day a few years ago. It said "Believe in yourself".
    Happy Yule to you too!

  2. Belief is a wonderful friend. Lovely card. Happy Yule!


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