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Sunday, November 09, 2008

When Should I?????

It a new part to soul coaching This week is water.
Some of out line we will be covering is:
· Explore your emotional life
· Cleanse your house, office and car
· Evaluate your relationships
· Communicate from your heart, especially the things that you have been afraid to say
· Embrace your childlike wonder
· Follow your intuition
· Bathe, shower, soak - cleanse your body
But also turning points in our life?

I like to bring something how water in nature does. As living in Mountain area of Northern Idaho It is amazing how mountain creeks and stream works.
In winter everything is covered and water ways are frozen. Then the spring comes and slowly it melts away as it warms up toward summer.
Water starts to move faster and faster curving new forms and shapes in mountains.
It only seems to take a flash for water to meet the mouth of the rivers.
The rivers are pushing out toward the oceans.
The air sucks the moister out of the ocean and forms clouds.
The clouds take shape and wind moves the clouds into land and rain comes and gives to our mother earth.
But there is time when the heat takes away the mighty power of a moving creek. There trickle of water and some place there will be none.
Then the fall colors appear and things need to rest for the up coming winter.
It will soon start of all over again.
Something in our life needs to be recycled and things needs to be change.
Having a balance is hard in one life. It seems to be a struggle as being in unneeded current

Oh I don’t recall turning points in my life. I made important decisions in my life as I mature and learn I have every right to accept whom I am.
There are things I want to accomplish in my life. I find frustration is one of them that needs to be wash way or clean in my life.
I know nothing will go sailing smoothly in one life included mine.

Where I want to take my life. Maybe the word I need to do is when So it could read.
When should I _________?

I notice a few bloggers and two of my coffee pals Hollowing Hill and Dragon Fly Musing wrote letter to our newly elected President Obama.
So I thought I would take a little time to sent him a letter.

Dear President Elect Obama and family.
First of all I would like to congratulate you on your victory of becoming our next president.
I have more then one issue and at this time I won’t be bringing them up and my ideal of how we should go about them.

Their been time I’ve sat and had coffee with family and friends. At one time or anther someone made the statement “If I was president I would do_______” Well I even said that.

One thing I would do as president is to keep in touch more with the American people.
We come in all walks of life. It hard to explain what an American is.
Personally about once a month or so. I would draw a name out of the hat and contact this person bring them to your office and let them tell you what is going on in their lives and their concern.
I know some may be nerves and won’t tell you how it is.
I personal find you have a comforting side to you and I believe you could put 99% at ease.
Yes I know there is nut cases out there and I total understand the issue of security.

Anther way of keeping in touch with the people of America is to read blogs.
There all sorts of people who now blogs that covers every topic that one can even think of and more.
My suggestion would be try to read 50 random blogs and see how we American are doing.
Believe me I find most bloggers post from their heart

Now for the puppy issue I understand that one of your daughter is allergic to dogs. Now they are different hypro allergnic dogs.
I’m senting a link to wikipedia on dog breeds that is hypoallergenic.
I’m hoping that you can find a mutt for your daughter that is hypoallergenic.

Thank you for hearing me and best to you


  1. Dora, do you ever go and dip your toes in the freezing cold water, when the ice is melting in Springtime?? - brrr
    have a truly blessed week xoxo

  2. I so enjoyed reading about the water in your neck of the woods.

    And what a great way to reach out to the new president. I hope he takes your suggestions!

  3. Hey Peppylady, your exploration of water in relation to your life sounds interesting!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your letter to Pres.Elect Obama! It was a great idea, and it's great to see that this president may be open to receiving input from his constituents.

  4. Maybe President Elect Obama should put you on his Advisory Committee! You would do a great job! :)

  5. Loved you exploration of water... and great description; I swear I could see it, feel it... just like I was there.

  6. fantastic post, Peppy!

    I love your suggestion of pulling a name out of a hat. That would be awesome if he actually did it!

  7. Ya...i wish he could read these letters!!!

    Great info on your water there.

    Have a great week


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