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Monday, November 10, 2008

When Is Where

I have a lot of lens I look at my life with and it seems it changing every so fast. Even is same subject I could use different lens.
Depending on what going on with my control or with out my control

It seems like I have to use different lens for “when” or I’m better picking a lens for “how” and “what”

There lot of doubt when I should use a “when” I should use that lens.
Murphy and I are talking about getting some lumber to build a deck off of our dinning room slider.
Lumber prices are coming down but should we wait until they still come down or bottom out. I could wait to long and suffer the consequence.

My arch of my feet is in so much pain form working and now I’m asking my self when should I quite, when will my body mainly my feet give out, when should I go buy or look into arch support for my feet.

I’ve mention that I want to go back into ceramics and was planning to quite my job after Bart graduated from High School which will be end of May or first part of June.
But I still keeping asking my self a ton of when questions.

I have plenty of “when” lens in my camera case but never know which “when” lens to use.

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  1. Making decisions can be so challenging. It helps me to know that whatever I decide, it will be just fine.

    I'm sending healing energy to your poor feet. Do you think there's a relationship between your sole and your soul?


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