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Friday, November 28, 2008

There Always a Future Around the Next Bend

It look like today is last day of soul coaching and it been a wonderful experience for me. I haven’t regretted a minute of it.
Today topic is creating a famous feature
I find this next assignment one of the hardest but yet one of the easiest

I would like to have more time to be more and be able to grow spiritual. A place I could meditate and pray

To make a living by doing something creative. I have over two thousand ceramics molds, 2 kilns, and a pour table.
Plus plenty of ceramic supplies.
I would like to dabble in other media of art and even culinary arts.

To be mostly natural products that we use in our life. Which would be grown on our property

To have my home finish and organized. I like the laid back country look.

Be more healthy, fit and have my body is part of my temple

To always grow and learn every day in my life.

Sometime I get disturb when I have a dream or goal for the future. Sometime when I think of reality it always doesn’t show a positive side of me.
Sure all my goal and what I want in the future but the head of reality closes in such as paying the bills and everyday life expense

All in all it ok to have these moments of being uninsured of road blocks in your life. I would say it one thing I learn in soul coaching

I’m looking forward for the next book called The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor I’ll be getting ordering mine on Monday. I know of two yule gifts I want to order from amazon.

I know Thanksgivng is over I’m running a survey on pumpkin pie on my side bar


  1. As you wish for yourself, so let it be!

    I'm wishing you a joyful, health-full, bliss-ful future and am so glad you're coming on the 12 Secrets journey!


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