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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

In general I’m a happy being although in my life there area I need to work on.
I believe it real doesn’t matter were one lives you take your attitude with you.
“Yes” and they’re those days I have a pretty crappy look on life.
Plus at times I wish I could or need to change something. I start to realize I’m not a super human being and it ok

I’ve always lived in a valley surround by mountains and lot of changes in nature. That one may watch some of it happen at lighting speed and other just at a snail's pace.
I often wonder what it would like to live in complete opposite landscape. But on the other hand I real don’t have any desire to pull up my roots.

Edit note...I forgot to add a link it soul coachingSoul Coaching


  1. I am amazed and impressed by people like you who can make a home anywhere. I have travelled and moved a lot and have been searching for that perfect home. I had a friend who said her home is where her couch is. I will try and be more like this, thank you!

    Moon in Leo?! That makes you an even more complex Aquarius than most. Wow! Perhaps more balanced?

    A real Yule tree, sounds beautiful. I'm decorating the one in my backyard.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving!

    Love, Jess

  3. It's so true. It's not where you live, it's the attitude that lives in you that matters! Thank you for the insight!

    Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Home is where the heart is, I've heard. Mine's in the ocean (my heart) - now I'll have to figure out a way to get the rest of me there. LOL!

  5. you sound so settled and at peace where you live Dora!
    and yes, wherever you live, you always have your attitude with you - there is no escaping that for sure!
    have a blessed Thanksgiving xo


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